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15 Minutes of Fame Equation

Fame minutes needs redefining
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I guess we all know the 1968 Andy Warhol quote "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes" (the history of the quote is worth a read on WP - The origin of the expression about photo-bombing and attention seeking is probably closer to the truth).

Clearly the concept is in need of some refinement, and it leads to some unexpected twists.

1) "everyone will be world-famous". So the quote is not about 'fame' at all. If everyone is famous then fame would have no meaning. So this *is* more about the amount of time someone is famous rather just being famous.

2) The 15 minutes is ambitious for global fame. That's 2 billion hours of YouTube content that everyone must watch. One person, on average may watch 2 hours a day so the average fame time would be -

2 x 60 x 365 x 50 / 7,000,000,000 = 0.000313 minutes of fame each or 19 milliseconds.

3) If there is anything to be salvaged from the quote it cannot be about fame, views x minutes as that leads to 19 milliseconds*. All we can do is define fame from it ! That is -

"Everyone (famous) will have 15 fameminutes" where fameminutes are a new unit not related in scale to fame x minutes. 14 fameminutes and you are below the average, and greater or equal to 15 fameminutes you are above the average - or 'famous'.

One obvious point is that many people rack up lots of media time so the scale needs to be logarithmic. So something like -

FameMinutes = log(views x minutes / average_views_minutes + 1) + 15.

Thus on average, everyone gets 15 minutes of fame and we have an everyday metric from 0 where it is as if the person never existed, to the average fame, and beyond.

* Text based media is also included with suitable translation factors.

bigsleep, Dec 23 2016

Now I'm famous ... https://en.wikipedi.../15_minutes_of_fame
[normzone, Dec 23 2016]


       You forgot to define "everyone".
pocmloc, Dec 23 2016

       I think this is kind of like the six degrees thing, which I think is down to 4.5 given facebook.
theircompetitor, Dec 23 2016

       //You forgot to define "everyone".//   

       The quote does say 'world-famous' but "average_views_minutes" could be a local variable to address the 'name 10 Bollywood actors' factor.
bigsleep, Dec 24 2016


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