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Amazon River

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Well, not really river, perhaps canal. Maybe not just amazon, but anyone who wants to get stuff around the place cheaply.

There exists a nice network of canals from the olde days, going here and there in generally useful directions. I propose that we get those timewasting leisure users of canals off out of the way and barge in and use them for slow but cheap delivery again. I know amazon drone on and on about delivery by air, but, you know, these canals are already here. Over there.

It could be that the sorting and distribution also partially takes place on the barge, and indeed, some stock keeping for frequently dispatched items.

Ian Tindale, Apr 30 2017


       You mean all that stuff doesn't actually come from Brazil?
RayfordSteele, Apr 30 2017

       "LOW Bridge! Everybody down! LOW bridge cause we're coming to a town. And yall always know yor neighbor yall always know yor pal If you ever navigated on the Amazon Canal" ?   

       The Erie Canal built New York, not the Amazon Whatever.
popbottle, May 01 2017

       And for those of us in non-canal areas, freight could be stacked in the dry waterways during the summer, and winter rains could wash it downstream.   

       Going to have to work on the exit mechanism though.
normzone, May 01 2017

       Instead of engine powered boaty things, they could be horse drawn, like in the old days, but using cows.
Ian Tindale, May 18 2017


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