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Automatic Horn

Ok, how about this...
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...an automatic horn activator that sounds when sensors detect an unsafe lane change or approach of a car in front or behind the vehicle.

Use the same technology as automatic braking systems, but since having a horn sound is not as critical to get right as slamming on the brakes, it could be relatively cheap and easily retrofitable onto existing cars.

Somebody moves into your lane when you're in their blind spot, your horn sounds. You do the same to somebody else, your horn sounds. Same if you come up too fast on the car in front or the car behind you comes up too fast, your horn honks to alert everybody.

This has to have been thought of.

doctorremulac3, May 05 2018

Ate voylar https://youtu.be/ZPVQh1CFGWc
This is fairly normal Cairo traffic (fingers in ears recommended) [not_morrison_rm, May 08 2018]

Traffic scene in Roma - by Fellini https://www.youtube...watch?v=tVLGveU5jbU
[pashute, May 09 2018]

beeping https://www.videobl...s-beeping-enlovbeug
[pashute, May 09 2018]

... Range_2fSpeed-Diffe...de_20View_20Mirrors
[normzone, May 09 2018]


       No, but if you go to Cairo, drivers beep at anything anyway.   

       Pick any youtube clip of Cairo traffic but don hearing protectors beforehand.
not_morrison_rm, May 08 2018

       This will encourage people to ignore horns, on the basis that anything you hear is bound to be just an over-vigilant automated horn.
hippo, May 08 2018

       A horn that sounds like a burst of sub-machine gun fire is much more effective than the conventional type, particularly for pedestrians.   

       Of course, an actual burst of sub-machine gun fire- even if only blanks - is even more effective.
8th of 7, May 08 2018

       But again, people will get habituated to it and will, upon hearing automatic gunfire (whether real or simulated), just dismiss it as another annoyed driver.
hippo, May 08 2018

       Have you thought of attaching a bump stock to your existing horn?
pertinax, May 08 2018

       // dismiss it as another annoyed driver. //   

       In some places, it usually is just another annoyed driver.
8th of 7, May 08 2018

       this reminds me of the time -- in the mid 90s -- where I thought of intermittent wipers and rushed to the newly minted IBM web browser to search the patent database and discover thousands of patents :)
theircompetitor, May 08 2018

       Got bored, found a video of Cairo traffic. Linky
not_morrison_rm, May 08 2018

       Scene: A Brtish military court in Egypt.   

       Witness: "Well I come down the street an' round the corner, an' this dirty great Rolls Royce with two wogs in it nearly ..."   

       Presiding officer: "No, you can't say that, that was His Royal Highness Prince Farouk".   

       Witness: "Oh, very sorry sir ... well, this dirty great Rolls Royce with His Royal Highness Prince Farouk and another wog in it nearly ran me down ..."
8th of 7, May 09 2018


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