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Beach Salt Spray

With aroma of dead fish and seaweed
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My wife like to walk on the beach. Not by a lake, has to be an ocean. We have great lakes nearby - so big you can’t see a far shore, you get crashing waves, and you can sing songs about shipwrecks (“The lake, it is said, never gives up her dead, when the skies of November turn gloomy...”).

So, what’s the difference between a nearby lake versus some ocean much further away?

“The smell,” she says. “An ocean beach smells right.”

So - put some salt water, a dash of ground up fish and seaweed flakes in a spray bottle. A little spritz in the face, maybe on the shirt collar, and she can breathe it in all day by the shores of any lake...

kdf, Feb 07 2021

Beach scented perfume… https://www.fragran...an-Water-54783.html
[xandram, Feb 07 2021]

Fishties [pocmloc, Feb 07 2021]

Manly air freshener Manly_20air_20freshener
Shameless elf-promotion [8th of 7, Feb 07 2021]


       while it is a very lovely idea, there seems to be numerous products claiming * beach scent* , maybe yours is different in some way? link
xandram, Feb 07 2021

       Thanks xandram, though I wasn’t expecting something so pleasant and marketable. The beach we walked on yesterday smell a bit more like a fish market, wife loved it regardless.   

       Nice to get away from the snow though...
kdf, Feb 07 2021

       I love the beach, too! ( not the fishy smell)
xandram, Feb 07 2021

       Can it be available in "Utah", "Omaha", "Gold", "Juno" and "Sword" varieties ?
8th of 7, Feb 07 2021

       A superior idea.
tatterdemalion, Feb 07 2021

       You're joking, shorely ?
8th of 7, Feb 07 2021

       Actually there is something in this which is possibly more than just the "perfume" linked by [x]. Its my understanding that there are volatile organic compounds in sea air (similar to the ones in forests) produced by algae and other things in the water. These have all kinds of health benefits in the same way that being in the forest does. So you could market this as some kind of health tonic as long as it had the correct active ingredients and not just the nice smell. Perhaps keep actual dead fish and rotting seaweed in your underwear drawer so that every day you put on a freshly rank garment. Better than that even would be to store your neckties in such a drawer which leads us inevitably back to <link>
pocmloc, Feb 07 2021

       // These have all kinds of health benefits in the same way that being in the forest does. //   

       Very slightly lower chance of a drive-by shooting; substantially greater chance of being mistaken for a deer and shot by a hunter, or being eaten by a bear ? Or being shot by a bear* out hunting deer ?   

       Oh, and suggested category - Fashion: Perfume ?   

       *In Canada and some parts of the Southern U.S., it is not always easy** to discriminate between a human and a bear.   

       **Bears do not usually carry ice-hockey sticks, and have a less offensive body odour. Other than that, ask for a DNA test; even then, the result may still be inconclusive.
8th of 7, Feb 07 2021


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