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Beard-embedded “Now Playing…” Display

What are you listening to?
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Lots of people seem to be hosting beards these days. Yes, even men. Lots of beard-carriers also have headphones on, simultaneously.

It is a feature of human nature that we like to communicate what music we’re listening to, either by turning it up so loud that it can be heard on an incredibly noisy tube line, or by tapping and drumming and dancing and air-synthing and air- singing. It’s that “social” thing, that causes us to seek the company and recognition of other like-minded people, so they can admire us as resembling the genius we portray ourselves to ourselves as, thus feeding us the validation we hunger for, like parasitic piglets.

Beards could be sprinkled with dust that contains a transponder (for power leeching as well as data) and a single low-powered light-emitting or altering pixel. The relative positioning of the sparkle dust could be oriented by showing the dusted beard to the phone or tablet that is playing the music — the camera would be able to allow the position of each dust particle to be identified and therefore addressed in a spatially meaningful way.

This would therefore allow the display of what music a beard- wearer is listening to. Perhaps even the karaoke lyrics, too, as well as being lied to by our album covers. Also suitable for embedding in weaves, cornrows, wigs and hairpieces, for afro-caribbean hairstyles.

Ian Tindale, Jun 05 2015

Smartdust http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smartdust
[Ian Tindale, Jun 05 2015]


       You left out the mustache effect. Otherwise +
blissmiss, Jun 05 2015

       I'm not convinced that the proposed technology is viable. What is needed, without a doubt, is a fibreoptic beard.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 05 2015

       Well of course it’s not viable, that’s why I posted it here instead of making a fortune with it in reality, therefore getting out of the massive hole of debt and pointless zero-result jobhunting or client-waiting-for. This idea stands no chance of paying the rent, as is, so here’s where it gets filed.
Ian Tindale, Jun 06 2015

       Not with that attitude.
tatterdemalion, Jun 06 2015

Ian Tindale, Jun 06 2015

       Well, you can do the opposite using dust.
Ian Tindale, Jun 06 2015

       I think this is trick missing - I'm fairly sure that if a person has a beard ("a beard they don't want" -- Frankie Boyle) then I can tell without reading their beard that the music they like will be shit and boring. What I want the beard display to do is make explicit what it already implies: the wearer is lost and scared and their thoughts are clogged with self-loathing, that when they look into the mirror each morning and see the beard and the failure of self assertion that it makes manifest, but this apparent and unwanted style choice is too long now, too public to be repudiated, the beard and the beard fear are attached until the winds of media mandated taste blow this craven young man into another fashion trap. In other words, the beard display should feature an arrow pointing up and beneath that arrow either of the following legends (a) "such a bell end" or (b) "save me from my weakness"
calum, Jun 08 2015

Ian Tindale, Jun 08 2015


       No no no!! The use of turmoil is, quite rightly, widely frowned upon. The only significant market for turmoil these days is China. Indeed, it is believed that most of the decline of the wild turm population can be attributed to this.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 08 2015

       No, I think you're thinking of parbs.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 08 2015

       // that “social” thing,   

       What is that 'social' thing? Us hemits have no knowledge of it. Perhaps we are to crabby.   

       While I'm here, what do Sikhs call 'hide and seek'? I'm too lazy to google it myself.   

       Aha, later edit "luka-chipa" apparently.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 08 2015

I can get behind this, the beard display functioning as facepube flashcards, the limited set of which consists of nouns indicating turmoil, self-loathing, fear, neuroses u.s.w, the heart rate of the beard-sporter being linked to the rapidity of the switch between each flashcard.
calum, Jun 08 2015


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