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Birthday Midpoint Surprises

Subtract your age from your birth year and see what happened in that year or decade
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Imagine you live between two cities A and B. If you live closer to A, then you can say you are more of A than B.

Now try this with your birthday and it gets shocking. A few decades ago, I realised my birthday was closer to the end of WWII than the present day. Now, WWI hadn't even started.

To calculate this, just subtract your age from your birth year and see what was going on at the time - you are closer to those times than the present day.

bigsleep, Mar 18 2019


       Way to dox the HB, [bigsleep]. I did the mental math, but I ain't tellin' you how it went.   

       Whoops. Just realized the ability to do math in my head means I was born prior to 1985 in Ontario. Dang it. Too close for comfort.
Sgt Teacup, Mar 18 2019

       The start of the Great Depression. How depressing.
RayfordSteele, Mar 18 2019

       //ain't tellin'// Broadly ditto, but I will say the Ottoman Empire was still a thing.
Skewed, Mar 18 2019

       Neat. Let's just say that Snoopy wins a dog-fight that year.   

       Hmm, I just popped up 1 year before my grandfather was born. I’m not sure what that means. Your post got me to calculate that I’ll have lived half my life in Oz this September. I was a boyish 29 when I left the Great White North... sigh
AusCan531, Mar 18 2019

       You haven't missed much. Still cold.   


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