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Blink Mister

Preventing dry-eye syndrome
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Staring at computer (and phone, and tablet) screens reduces blink rates and causes dry-eye syndrome.

To remedy this, a device could mist water towards your face at timed or random intervals. Not even a spray as dense as a plant-mister - just a milligram or less of moisture added to a tiny puff of air.

For a computer, it could be powered by USB and consist of a reservoir mounted behind the display. For smaller portable devices it would need to be battery powered and perhaps built into an accessory case.

Chairborne Hero, Dec 27 2019

Just a side note https://www.goodrea...watching-preferably
I confess to swiping an idea - if not the exact phrasing - from Pratchett [Chairborne Hero, Dec 27 2019]

Vaguely related ... Mouth_20Mister
[normzone, Dec 29 2019]

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       Integrate it into spectacles ?
8th of 7, Dec 27 2019

       Spectacles? Something suitable for Locutus, perhaps?   

       I'm on to your schemes, 8th. No, thank you.
Chairborne Hero, Dec 27 2019


       <Notes that [CH] is "One of the clever ones" and needs to be watched closely/>
8th of 7, Dec 27 2019

       Not quite. Watched carefully - but from a safe distance.
Chairborne Hero, Dec 27 2019

       A hay mister would prevent ricks from catching fire in the summer heat, a yeo mister would be popular with the yeomanry and an oi mister might find a market among students of Yiddish for Beginners who suffered from dry throats.   

       A duck mister seems urgently needed, though I'm not quite sure wh ... Ow!
pertinax, Dec 29 2019

       ooohhh la-la, I likey. Now that I'm back in front of a screen all day, and not chasing Alzheimer's residents around the activity area anymore, I would love this.
blissmiss, Dec 29 2019


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