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Available in soft, and hard.
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Wake up to a new breakfast cereal, in two flavours - rigid and flaccid.

Serving suggestion - use a banana (not too bent though - regulations).

Ian Tindale, Nov 25 2016


       Will there be a special version for Eurocrats that leaves a nasty bitter taste, causes the stomach to sink, and loosens the bowels ?
8th of 7, Nov 25 2016

       Mmmm, and now with indigenous marshmellow swastikas!
zen_tom, Nov 28 2016

       - but no list of ingredients
hippo, Nov 28 2016

       Contains ingredients from more than one country ...
8th of 7, Nov 28 2016

       After you tip the box, the cereal may take a unpredictably long time to come out
hippo, Nov 28 2016

       But keep an eye on progress, or you'll end up with a cereal mountain, or a milk mountain, or even a bowl mountain.
Ian Tindale, Nov 28 2016

       Permafrosties - giant sugar cubes the size of weetabix that contatin 1 cornflake and a plastic animal.
bigsleep, Nov 29 2016


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