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Brown Willy Anal.

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One problem a lot of surreptitious knowledge-based businesses have is that their name and location kind of gives the game away.

As any British schoolchild knows, Cambridge and Oxfrod is where people from overseas go to to get highly expensive degrees, and therefore there’s a lot of knowledge floating around those locations.

As any British schoolchild also soon comes to realise, there are many places in the atlas of the British Isles that are far away and remote locations, mountains, and even large hills, that are named. As any British schoolchild soon further realises with much hilarity among their peers, there is a remote and far away hill called Brown Willy.

What better place to situate an analytical firm. Better abbreviate the ‘analytica’ (or similar) part of the name, though.

Now nobody will ever discover it and it will never show up in casual internet searches using a find motor.

Ian Tindale, Mar 21 2018

Belgium https://www.youtube...watch?v=WstSMMApDRI
Oh yes, I'd completely forgotten that :) [Skewed, Mar 21 2018]

Tongue Loanen https://www.google....406284!4d-5.7678269
one of my favourite place names, and seldom would be searched [xenzag, Mar 24 2018]


       I came with a certain degree of trepidation, apprehension & not a little fear of what I might find, I leave having found my fears unfounded.   

       I'd be pleasantly surprised by that if I hadn't wet myself laughing.
Skewed, Mar 21 2018

       I went on holiday there a few years ago and we climbed Brown Willy. Of course the children thought it was hilarious.

Of course the logical consequence of this idea is that corporations will start lobbying for the names of the cities in which they reside to change their names to things so obscene and disgusting that no one will ever search for them on the internet.
hippo, Mar 21 2018

       I can see a lot of firms moving to Australia.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 21 2018

       Guda, Lovely Bottom or Yorkeys Knob?.. my money would be on Foul Anal (in Foul Bay).
Skewed, Mar 21 2018

hippo, Mar 21 2018

       What was the question? Mine where all places in Australia (if that was the question).
Skewed, Mar 21 2018

       Would the consulting arm of Brown Willy Anal. be Brown Willy Anal. Associates? - or "Brown Willy Anal. Ass." for short.
hippo, Mar 21 2018

       Their headquarters should be in the picturesque rural village of BlueBell End.
8th of 7, Mar 21 2018

       We have one of those: Hidromatic Ponent S.l. --- On the front of the building HIDR (omatic in very small letters)   

       Yep, a HIDR ... right there in plain view beside the highway
reensure, Mar 21 2018

       I used to live near Far Corfe.
zen_tom, Mar 21 2018

       Presumably the houses built round the base of Brown Willy are on steeply sloped terrain, meaning a lot of uphill gardening goes on.   

       // Belgium //   

       <Reverential Zaphod Beeblebrox nostalgia moment/>
8th of 7, Mar 21 2018

       Used to be lots of uk streets called GropeCunt lane, from mediaeval times, and that type of thing. No idea what people did there. . Obviously got changed to GrapeHunt or something.   

       I heard in USA a lot of places called after uk places, but the feature was missing. Like oxford, USA has no oxen or fords, it’s probably in the desert of California.   

       So to cut a long story short, don’t expect to get any in gropecunt, USA
DDRopDeadly, Mar 21 2018

       One problem with this sort of organisation is that they aim too big and therefore achieve too much prominence without people knowing.   

       I think a solution for future analysis companies is not to promote yourself as a big data company — I think that rings too many alarm bells in the public’s eye. Call yourself a “reasonably sized information” company, or even a “somewhat substantial gossip and hearsay with perhaps some facts” company. Be modest and honest on this front or you’ll be left behind.
Ian Tindale, Mar 21 2018

       Oxford Michigan where we live has plenty of oxen, and plenty of Fords.
RayfordSteele, Mar 21 2018

       //Like oxford, USA has no oxen or fords, it’s probably in the desert of California.//   

       They do have a; Buffalo Jump though.
In native it translates to; Where He Got His Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump.

       [2 Fries]. You should be ashamed of yourself for insinuating that Smashed-in-Head-Buffalo-Jump is in the USA. It’s in Alberta.   

       //I can see a lot of firms moving to Australia//. I moved to Australia and can confirm that I have a large firm. I also have several businesses.
AusCan531, Mar 24 2018


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