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Calibrated Morning Coffee

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I suggest putting calibration marks on each and every morning coffee, so that they can be used as intended, but also allowing the user to know when to stop the loading process and begin transporting, in order to avoid an adverse and calamitous structural integrity breach.

Speaking as one who has just had a slightly over ambitiously applied morning coffee fall apart, the affected section landing partly on my knee but mostly on the floor. If I could see proper BSI gradations along the length of the morning coffee, I'd have known when to stop, and have a bit of an idea of how much longer I've got to effect the completion of the completion of the effecting of the transporting into the mouth before a terminal disintegration failure event occurs.

(Don't worry, I used another to scoop it up, tasted okay)

Ian Tindale, Mar 22 2017

As mentioned in annos Two_20Cups_20Of_20Coffee
Still the finest idea since the Earth cooled. [whatrock, Mar 22 2017]


       Can said calibrations be applied to the infamous Two Cups of Coffee (link) with allowances for weak-hand dexterity? +
whatrock, Mar 22 2017

       Should it be pointed out that Morning Coffee is a biscuit, to distinguish it from 2 Morning Coffees ?   

       *All* biscuit packaging should declare a recommended dunking time. Ideally, as you point out, a graph showing mm vs seconds.
bigsleep, Mar 22 2017

       [bigsleep], yes, that should definitely be pointed out. I was wondering how a liquid has "structural integrity" or "length", and can be "scooped up with another". I thought it might be some new-fangled café-jargon (I'm not a coffee drinker).
neutrinos_shadow, Mar 22 2017

       Well I thought it was all perfectly obvious, of course.
Ian Tindale, Mar 23 2017

       So not a mg caffeine stab bag.
wjt, Mar 23 2017

       The rail service have these for their customers : the servers fill to an orange band about 2cm down from the top.   

       Which of course causes complaints : the most obnoxious of which usually responded to by a straight-faced delivery of a full cup of coffee, inevitably followed by humourously (to the steward and other passengers) karmic results.   

       Not a great paying job, but it had its... 'perks'.
FlyingToaster, Mar 23 2017

       That pun is grounds for complaint.
normzone, Mar 23 2017

       He's allowed to espresso his opinion, shirley ?
8th of 7, Mar 24 2017

       If you're just dipping into this, when it comes down to the crunch, the packet rate may increase.
Ian Tindale, Mar 24 2017

       (brooding over potential responses)
normzone, Mar 24 2017

       [normzone], c'mon...surely you are 'percolating potential responses', perhaps even 'chewing on' or 'stewing over' (if it's that extra-thick French press smog common to northern eastern Canadian diners).
Sgt Teacup, Mar 24 2017

       But wait - the puns are going in the incorrect direction - this idea isn't about coffee at all.
Ian Tindale, Mar 24 2017

       //But wait - the puns are going in the incorrect direction - this idea isn't about coffee at all.//   

       That's the way the cookie crumbles.
AusCan531, Mar 24 2017


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