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Cheesy Grin Mark

Shows which cheeses can illicit a cheesy grin
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It's been a long time, but recently I've found a cheese supplier providing that old 'mature cheddar feeling' - the cheesy grin.

I propose a new food icon that shows an itchy jaw or similarly cheesy crampy reaction in the mouth.

I don't know much about food chemistry, so I'll just guess its an accelerated saliva response to very dense casein foodstuffs.

Nonetheless, I want my cheddar to do this and would very much appreciate a corresponding food packaging mark.

bigsleep, Feb 05 2019


       I don't know this feeling you speak of. Probably because it is elicited by cheese laced with illicit drugs, which I haven't tried.
notexactly, Feb 07 2019

       I think its where the expression "Say cheese!" came from as the muscle cramping does impart a half smile.   

       [edit] Yup. Pretty sure its saliva glands struggling. A few articles detail it under "Why does my jaw tingle when eating stuff?". UK viewers might also associate a milder form of this feeling as the "Opal Fruit" sensation, which is not as full on as a nice mature sharp cheddar.
bigsleep, Feb 07 2019


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