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Current Song Lyrics on IM client

"Young girls with eyes like potatoes…" "the ants are my friends, they're blowing in the wind" "I was swallowing my pen…"
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iChat has an option to display 'Current iTunes Song' in place of your status message.

My idea goes further and allows display of the current song's lyrics, as if it were a karaoke display, but the outside world only gets to see the lyrics, not hear the choon as you do.

Ian Tindale, Apr 22 2008


xenzag, Apr 22 2008

       <looks through mp3 collection>I would definitely not want *that* to pop up on my IM messages</ltmp3c>   

       This would be great for getting responses while I'm listening to Nine Inch Nails [+]
reap, Apr 23 2008

       Looks more like mondegreens than actual lyrics...   

       <aside: 'scuse me while I kiss this guy...>
Canuck, Apr 24 2008

       Wouldn't the lyrics have to go zipping by awfully fast to keep up with the song?
Twenty Dollar Duck, Apr 24 2008

Ian Tindale, Apr 24 2008

       ducks are priceless.
po, Apr 24 2008

       …which inevitably causes problems at the checkout.
Ian Tindale, Apr 24 2008

       Last time I bought a duck I got a massive bill.
lostdog, Apr 24 2008

       Don't bring me down.
Ian Tindale, Apr 24 2008

       You could bake this idea, if you dabbled in some kind of karaoke programme.
Jinbish, Apr 24 2008


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