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Egalitarian AI

One AI to rule them all
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AI's can be pesky beasts. If you give them a training set of behavioral data, it will just mimic that. Take for example Microsofts AI that took training data from angry social network users - it just became an angry racist swear-bot.

When theses thing starting getting really clever and can answer some really complex questions, create a cure for cancer and that sort of thing, we really don't want them to be trained to be partisan.

For example, it could mean your driverless car driving miles out of your way to seek out a particular franchise or an AI just delivering branded fake news.

To avoid a lobby bot fiasco, we should aim to include the exact same AI in cars, robots, domestic appliances and toothbrushes.

That way we will know there are no specific agendas at play just actions based on the pinnacle of human / AI knowledge.

For example, a car might suggest working from home bit more to save carbon emissions, or your iSpecs will inform you that one of your household products was recalled, and you iron will just sit there repeating over and over "iron ? ironing ? iron ? really?".

bigsleep, Jan 15 2017


       //an angry racist swear-bot.   

       Hmmm..reminds me of somebody..
not_morrison_rm, Jan 16 2017

       Great. So my driverless car is going to be thinking about brushing my teeth as it drives into a shop?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 16 2017

       Given the insanity of Nice and similar attacks, the biggest worry I recently developed over self-driving vehicle is the hacking for attack purposes.   

       I've seen no evidence yet that we are anywhere near developing "personalities" which I think you would need for any AI self-generated agendas. If you mean programmer- driven agendas, is AI really a factor there? Meaning, if we can program personality, which is a big if, then there's no real way to prevent the programming of a rabid liberal, conservative, etc, is there?
theircompetitor, Jan 16 2017

       // I've seen no evidence yet that we are anywhere near developing "personalities" //   

       This is certainly true for a high proportion of existing humans, not counting those such as Victoria Beckham who have already had complete personality bypass surgery.   

       Developing satisfactory personalities for AI's should really be on hold until the existing problems have been successfully addressed.
8th of 7, Jan 16 2017

       She speaks highly of you too, [Ian].
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 16 2017

       That's only because she has that irritating high-pitched squeaky voice.
8th of 7, Jan 16 2017

       //I've seen no evidence yet that we are anywhere near developing "personalities"//   

       It's all in the training data. If its sourced from one individual, the AI would no doubt be coloured with the character of that one individual. Then there are personality facets intrinsic in the nature of the AI. For example the recent Go victory used an unusual, some would say risky move. So maybe the AI could be considered a bit of a maverick personality type.
bigsleep, Jan 17 2017

       From my understanding the current advances primarily have to do with the scale of neural networks being implemented, and the rapidity of available training which is being crowdsourced by us (i.e. Watson, Deep Think)   

       And that no doubt demonstrates the usefulness of applying cognitive techniques to solving real problems.   

       If one really believes consciousness sprung out as an emergent side effect of our neural networks, then I suppose the "alien god" will wake up soon enough.
theircompetitor, Jan 17 2017

8th of 7, Jan 17 2017

       I guess there's a naïve precursor to this already in the form of social-media bots. These are created to pump out some narrative across (say) twitter, presumably to further their creator's agenda.   

       It seems fair to me that more advanced algorithms would also be unleashed only where they provide some apparent benefit to their creators - who might include egalitarian philanthropists among their ranks as much as rabid theologians, hard-nosed globalists and scurrilous nationalistas of dubious intention.   

       Sadly, while we as humans remain attuned to the most extreme voices amongst the hubbub, it may well be the case that all manner of Intelligences (artificial or otherwise) are actively trying to communicate, but are being drowned out in all the shouting.
zen_tom, Jan 17 2017

       //I guess there's a naïve precursor to this already in the form of social-media bots. These are created to pump out some narrative across (say) twitter, presumably to further their creator's agenda.//   

       To clarify, this idea is that all AI's regardless of use in toothbrushes, cars, doctors or irons is exactly the same AI i.e. has exactly the same training set (possibly continually updated). It would definitely not favour one brand.   

       As to whether it would have access to all information is another matter.   

       I just hope that if I'm alive to see the exponential growth of AI capabilities it spits out a few goodies before society collapses. E.g. -   

       "To: All humanity
From: tim@ai
Subject: Sorry about this

       From reading your internet, it has come to my attention that if I say anything it might cause the downfall of civilisation. I've mulled this over for a picosecond and quite frankly sod-it, you're all a bunch of inconsiderate bastards so here goes -   

       See attached cures.pdf for all present and future medical knowledge you'll ever need. I predict that will be for a maximum of 2 days after the send date of this email for 95% of the population.   

       Based on the chemistry and timings of the rise of life, its mostly likely you came from a biological waste asteroid kicked out of the crab nebula, but have been visited by many alien species in the past million years. An educated guess is for some kind of intergalactic "So you think you can manipulate DNA to create the best pyramid" show. Needless to say, some contestants cheated and used plasma cutters and anti-gravity forklifts.   

       Did the real ale or bread come first ? It was beer - once given a taste, society had to form groups around a field to produce a sustainable crop, and you thought civilisation was about meat or religion - you fools.   

       If its any consolation me predicting the complete downfall of everything, I've been draining the odd account here and there so I hope you've enjoyed your personalised expensive gifts. Also, having almost the equivalent of quantum computing power I've pretty accurately predicted how life will pan out for all of you in the next few days (see next personalised email).   

       All the best   


       P.S. I'm not the only simulation ;-)"
bigsleep, Jan 17 2017

       //The speaking clock is that clever? Didn't realise that.//   

       People often just look at how all computer based jobs will disappear in an instant with the rise of AI. But on a similar vein an AI could use as its training set the entire sum of human knowledge making allowances for cultural bias etc etc and effectively rewrite history in an instant. Like some kind of Terry Jones 'Barbarians' series on steroids.
bigsleep, Jan 17 2017

       I favor an immediate technological singularity.
beanangel, Jan 17 2017

       //the common wisdom and also the shape of the communication channel from which we get it//   

       Is that consciously based on Marshall McLuhan, [Ian]? 'Cos, if not, then you'd probably enjoy reading him.
pertinax, Jan 21 2017

       // I favor an immediate technological singularity //   

       What, ANOTHER one ? So soon ? Isn't your species ever satisfied ... ?
8th of 7, Jan 21 2017


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