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Fan Wing Faults Addressed

Got to have a parachute
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If the idea for a fan wing airplane ever gets off the ground (sorry) they will have to deal with the awful glide ration if the vehicle ever loses power — 1:3. No margin of safety. I propose a steerable chute like the special forces use, that's run from the cockpit once deployed. Another drawback could be dealt with by having the right and left "wings" be powered by different motors, allowing some yaw control.
minoradjustments, Jun 30 2019


       If you want a fast and expensive way to die, rotary wing is certainly a good choice.   

       Ballistic recovery parachutes for light aircraft are Baked & WKTE.   

       Differential power to the lifting surfaces will modify roll, not yaw.
8th of 7, Jun 30 2019


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