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Fax / Printer Prints Own User Manual

Fax or Printer featuring obvious way of printing it's own operating manual out on paper.
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Ian Tindale, Jun 17 2005


       And if that function malfunctioned? How would you find out how to fix it?
phundug, Jun 17 2005

       Instead of the stupid test page -- absolutely!
theircompetitor, Jun 17 2005

       Sort of widely known to exist as most printer manuals arrive in pdf format these days. But fax manuals don't, and this is easier. [phundug] - These instructions (check 'on' switch etc.) can be printed on a sheet of A4 which you can staple to the printed manual. A good idea.
wagster, Jun 17 2005

       My fax machine will print out that part of the manual I need, depending on which function I've navigated to. Only I need the manual to figure out how to do it. (Panasonic KX-FL511)
oxen crossing, Jun 17 2005


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