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Heater That Looks Like a Vox Amp

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A small portable household electric fan heater in the style of a '60s Vox amplifier, for credibility in those colder days.
Ian Tindale, Feb 19 2009

The Ultimate LSH Loudspeaker http://www.aes.org/...rowse.cfm?elib=2776
Available from AES [csea, Feb 19 2009]

LSH excerpt http://forums.klips...p/28318/237913.aspx
"We take the original LSH loudspeaker as a point of departure, build a forced-draft box on which to set the LSH, and wire a shunt resistor R2, of 0.1666Ohm rated at 50 W and a series resistor R1 of 3.837 ohms rated at 1200 W. This will give an effective load resistance of 4 ohms and a continous input capacity of 1200 W. .... and so forth. PWK did state that it "will dissipate the heat and keep the house warm. Rated SPL was 100 db at 1 Watt at 61 cm." [csea, Feb 19 2009]


       With a temperature control that goes to eleven. [+]
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 19 2009

       If you promise a bun, you gotta give it!
zeno, Feb 19 2009

       I've got a valve radio that doubles as highly efficient heat-source for those long cold nights.
zen_tom, Feb 19 2009

       I'm bound to approve and you know why +
xenzag, Feb 19 2009

       Paul Klipsch, known for his marvellously efficient horn-type loudspeakers, invented the LSH (Loudspeaker and Space Heater) as a parody of the highly inefficient loudspeakers touted by some of his competitors, and wrote a paper about it in 1974 . I'll try to find a link.   

       JAES Volume 22 Issue 2 pp. 106,108; March 1974 Not available. Author: Hurtz, O. Gadfly Affiliation: Hurtz and Associates, Inc., Lost Hope, NV
csea, Feb 19 2009

       + so cute
needs some accessories like ear muffs & foot pedal slippers!
xandram, Feb 19 2009

       My Vox amp only has one valve (the rest of it being digital modelling stuff) so it doesn't get very warm, but my other three valve amps all crank out a fair bit of heat otherwise I might well go for one of these.
angel, Feb 20 2009


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