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In-flight Calamity Games

A bit like a flashmob that hijacks flights in various creative and thrilling ways
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An extension of situationist détournement, random flights or train journeys or boat trips are hijacked. It would be quite a thrill for most ordinary people, being involved in a journey that seemingly will end in immediate death. Will I feel pain when my body is torn apart? Will it matter? How long will I remember any of it? Will it matter once I can no longer remember the trauma due to immediate lack of any functioning neuron paths to process sensation into a memory of conscious evaluation of recognition in what once was a brain? Does anything matter? Did I lock the door and turn the iron off? Should I have done it the other way round? Is sequence and order what life is all about?

As a form of crowd-driven improv, and also as an advanced form of occupy movement, only more active, it would be quite a relief to find that the journey was in fact a theatrical intervention. You step out into the world, determined to live life to the full. Then get run over. Such an improv-nowhere type of demonstration would be a fun diversion, especially for budding terrorists, depressed loners and easily influenced religious idiots, channeling their search for whatever it is they’re searching for, into something a lot more meaningless.

Ian Tindale, Mar 27 2015


       Then the plain clothes Sky Marshall shoots you. Game over.
xenzag, Mar 27 2015

       Sounds like "Spiderman: the Ride" at Universal Studios.
RayfordSteele, Mar 27 2015

       Oh woe is me.
blissmiss, Mar 27 2015

       Is that like Toys 'R' Us?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 27 2015

       situationist [-]   

       IIRC, the original Situationist International split when the German situationists said out loud that the whole movement was just an efficient trick for selling art, while the French situationists insisted that there was something more profound about it (though they struggled to articulate what).
pertinax, Mar 29 2015

       Extreme 'Candid Camera' for a plane load of family and friend chosen marks.
wjt, Mar 29 2015


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