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Indoor golf on a pool table

4th hole par 3, vicious bunkers
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Indoor golf played with a pool cue on a heavily modified pool/snooker table.

Under the baize theres many fine holes like an air-hockey table. A robot arm underneath the table surface will reposition blocks to prevent airflow in various arrangements according to the hole. One pocket could be nominated for the flag hole or another one drilled at one end.

With the assistance of an overhead projector, a whole minitiature golf course can be sequentially shown on the table, and with the air streams going around various regions of the table it will behave like it has real hills and bunkers.

bigsleep, Jan 22 2013


       Pool tables are great, until you put a hole in one.
UnaBubba, Jan 22 2013

       Lovely. I think this would work just as well (but harder) without the projector, with the players able to hold hand and faces over the table surface to feel the air pressure, but otherwise putting blind.
calum, Jan 23 2013

       A bun-in-one shot, [biggles]! [+]
Alterother, Jan 23 2013

       //Baizing Saddles, since 2013//   

       Did I anywhere request shaggy dog puns ?
bigsleep, Jan 25 2013

       That reminds me. I didn't mention the disclaimer to the idea -   

       "This idea does not condone the use of or dealing in golf equipment or in any way endorse the pursuit of the dangerous outdoor form of golf. State and federal laws may apply."
bigsleep, Jan 26 2013

       it would probably be easier to put a thousand tiny solenoids under the surface, opening and closing groups of pinholes.   

       Would take less programming and less space at least.   

Kansan101, Jan 26 2013

       needs a windmill.
po, Jan 26 2013

       Hands [po] a 3 irony.
bigsleep, Jan 26 2013


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