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Inflatable Earphones

Blow me!
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The in-ear type of personal stereo and phone headphones that fit in your ear, blocking out outside sound, generally are supplied with three pairs of rubbery pingy bits that shoot off every time you take your coat or scarf or jacket off.

Instead of these various sizes, make them inflatable.

Put them in your ears, and where the mic/remote is, blow into a hole, which will inflate the rubbery bits to a good fit. This would mean that the rubbery bits can be more permanently fitted and won’t ping off quite so readily.

Ian Tindale, Sep 01 2010

This now exists: http://blogs.discov...your-ear-drum-wont/
Oh well. [Ian Tindale, May 17 2011]


       Yes, a sensible idea.
hippo, Sep 01 2010

       PS, the other week, I took the mic lead from an old Sony Ericsson HPM-70 unit that the headphones died on, fitted the headphones from a newer HPM-82 unit, and chopped the SE plug from the HPM-70 and soldered on a 4-conductor 3.5mm jack plug (converting the mic from differential to single- ended, bridging the remote button to ground across the mic). Works quite well on an HTC unit now.
Ian Tindale, Sep 01 2010

       any good for removing wax? (sorry [thumb])
po, Sep 01 2010

DrWorm, Sep 01 2010

       Full points. I likes.
bungston, Sep 01 2010

       Guys the world over have spent countless hours inflating their rubbery bits in anticipation of a good time. This idea seems like a natural. Here's a big ol' inflatable bun [+].
Grogster, Sep 01 2010

       I have a set of Etymotic Research ear phones that form such a tight, perfect seal that you hear absolutely nothing except the transmitted music. None of the others I had prior to these ever sealed properly.
xenzag, Sep 02 2010

       Ts'good. The disposable rubbery earplugs I use would work well for this.   

       [IT] Re: your link: *Oh well*? You are too modest. Demand royalties.
Boomershine, May 18 2011


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