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Information Transmission To Your Younger Self Through Dreams

What would you now say to the you that is half your age?
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I propose that it is entirely possible to ‘transmit’ information from the future to the past through dreams (what else are they for?), and more specifically from your older self to your younger self — assuming you were a] attempting to send a message as your older self and b] actually listening for such a message as your younger self. Of course, you can’t now go back and tell the younger you to pay attention to incoming messages in your dreams.
Ian Tindale, Jun 27 2015

Night Terrors http://en.memory-al...t_Terrors_(episode)
Like this ? [8th of 7, Jun 27 2015]

John Lennon's N#9 Dream https://www.youtube...watch?v=jZUUIu8fZoo
Who sent John Lennon this (and presumably at least 8 other) dream(s)? [zen_tom, Jun 27 2015]


       Reminds me oddly of the Dave TV channel....but the other way around.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 27 2015

       are they dreams that we are having now or dreams that we had way back then? if the latter, how do we access them now?
po, Jun 27 2015

       This would only work if universes are infinite, otherwise the now-you would already remember having been visited by your older self in a past dream.   

       ...and if you do remember as a child having been visited by your older self in a dream does it imply an inescapable loop?   

       po,- the dream is the reception medium, so a dream you may have now could be a message from your future. Dreams you had when you were younger had the potential to contain a message to you then, if you were to have wanted to send a message now.   

       I don’t know how to initiate the actual ‘transmission’ of information, that’s an entirely different problem. But the configuration of information in such an arrangement as to form a thought or idea or notion in your head now always had that possibility to exist, so it’s not really a question of how to transmit information back in time, more one of how to access that particular arrangement of information, because having that idea or thought was a possibility all along and therefore equivalently existed back then.
Ian Tindale, Jun 27 2015

       // What would you now say to the you that is half your age?   

       It depends on which half.   

       This seems like a lot of responsibility. If your younger self is receiving messages, you know you're going to have to take care of transmitting all that mundane crap again when you're older.
tatterdemalion, Jun 27 2015

nineteenthly, Jun 27 2015

       So this sounds a whole lot like talking to myself, through my dreams, and I'm not convinced this is at all possible. Hmmm
blissmiss, Jun 27 2015

       Clearly the toaster must be involved somehow.
RayfordSteele, Jun 27 2015

       This clearly doesn't work. I distinctly remember being shown flying cars and my own private space- station when I was little.   

       It is possible, though, that dreams are simply a very advanced form of advertising from a future civilisation.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 27 2015

       Also, by this reckoning, 90-year-olds shouldn't have dreams. Except possibly of crematoria.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 27 2015

       If there's evidence of anyone ever having a dream in the past, but who has since died - like for example Malcolm X, then where did their dreams come from? Because they never had the chance to live in the future, when this device is going to exist, and send themselves a dream. Unless other people have access to the machine, and are able to send dreams to all and anyone in the past, in which case, how do you know which dreams are from some future self (who may or may not be trustworthy), or from a stranger who may or may not be trustworthy? And if it's not possible to tell the trustworthy dreams from the other ones, then what?
zen_tom, Jun 27 2015

       Then again, the truth of time might not be linear. Maybe like life, a convoluted knot.   

       [zen tom] Everything anyone else says, right or wrong, has to be filtered by our own life's perceptions and ideals to make the decisions we choose.
wjt, Jun 27 2015

       I think that was kind of my point - the perceived specialness of a message from a future self is the attached notion that it's both supremely trustworthy, and that it holds privileged information from the future. If you can't access either of those aspects of this unique form of communication without doubt, then you might as well strike up conversation with someone on the internet...oh wait hold on.
zen_tom, Jun 27 2015

       //Then again, the truth of time might not be linear. Maybe like life, a convoluted knot//   

       I collect and repair watches. Trust me, if time isn't linear, your watch is broken.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 27 2015

       Most dreams won’t be this. All I’m proposing is that the dream is a substrate upon and within which it may remotely be possible to influence from the future. When that happens, the dream is influenced. When that didn’t or doesn’t or willn’t happen, the dream is a usual dream, of arbitrary nonsense. And again, there’s no transmission of information involved, it relies on the possibility of ideas that you may have now also being possible back then — all you’re doing is pointing to them.
Ian Tindale, Jun 27 2015

       Certainly it works in reverse, sometimes too well.
tatterdemalion, Jun 28 2015

       Every time I go back to tell my younger self something, he's moved - gone off and done something even dumber than I did at that age. This is the actual cause of my current memory problems.
lurch, Jun 28 2015


       OK [XIXthly], so we suppose that this is the name of an indefinite past tense, and not an epithet to be hurled at someone practising aorism. Then what?
pertinax, Jun 28 2015

       [Max] But a watch/clock is just a simple regular motion cut, through the truth of time.
wjt, Jun 28 2015

       most of my dreams include loo cubicles without doors, strange animals, lots of babies and broken cameras. what does / did that tell me?
po, Jun 28 2015

       It tells you to lay off the cheese before bedtime.
8th of 7, Jun 28 2015

       When taking the playgroup to the zoo, you should never have let the monkeys follow you into the elevator.
pertinax, Jun 28 2015

       //But a watch/clock is just a simple regular motion cut, through the truth of time.//   

       Ah, but how do you know it's regular?   

       Anyway, I take the pragmatic view of time. Stuff all this multiverse and pleated-space business. It's an hour before cocktails, and over 90 minutes since post-lunch drinks - that's pretty much all one needs to know about time.   

       If Stephen Hawking had written "A Brief History of Time Gentlemen Please", it would have been far more informative.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 28 2015

       [marked-for-deletion] no science
Voice, Jun 28 2015

       It's impossible to send messages to your younger self.   

       Well, except for the mundane, common method of teaching things to your children, who are in some sense, younger versions of yourself.
sophocles, Jun 29 2015

       [Ian] - did an older version of you appear to you in a dream and tell you to post this idea?
hippo, Jun 29 2015


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