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January Happy Tree

January is, in the northern hemisphere, often the grimmest month.
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Instead of packing up the christmas decorations and stripping the home down to a bare austerity to face January with, replacing the celebratory atmosphere with, well, frankly nothing, why not celebrate the new year for a bit longer?

For an entire month, keep what was the christmas tree, and simply redecorate it on the first day or so of January, with an alternative set of decorations designed to make January happy.

The lighting and decorative colourways would take on a scheme designed to counter SAD, rather than the warm orange glow of christmas decorations. The overall theme would be one of renewal and newness and novelty and forward-looking.

It stays up all of January. (It is, of course, the same tree that was originally the christmas tree, but has become repurposed).

Ian Tindale, Jan 01 2006


       Also, I'm cool with implementing a permanent happy tree -- just repurpose decorations throughout the whole year; New Year tree, valentine tree, spring tree, summer solstice tree. Thinking it'd have to be fake or potted, but would save decorating the rest of the house. ...or, maybe I'll just hang a calendar with photos of happy trees. Yes, whew, activity averted.
Zuzu, Jan 01 2006

       Never could face taking down the Christmas tree. [+]
wagster, Jan 01 2006

       With all of the needles on the floor like that, it's kind of depressing.   

       I think we baked that... our tree stays up 'til April and is decorated with highly-specialized anti-SAD shredded wrapping paper.
roleohibachi, Jan 01 2006

       Then won't February be the saddest month, after you take all the stuff down at the end of January.
MikeOxbig, Jan 01 2006

       My son's birthday is in the first part of January so for several years I'd take all the Christmas decorations off of the tree and replace them with balloons. The birthday tree.
bristolz, Jan 01 2006

       MikeOxbig, - No, natures growth of first snowdrops, then daffodils rectifies that situation.
Ian Tindale, Jan 01 2006

       How poetic.
MikeOxbig, Jan 01 2006

       500W full-spectrum halogen fairy lights will probably counter your SAD, Ian.
hippo, Jan 01 2006

       Until the electricity bill arrives, at least.
Ian Tindale, Jan 01 2006

       I am all for more plants in the home. Old Christmas trees are also perfect for kindling six months later. Lit one on fire and the flames reached the top of the tallest tree in the yard.
NHstud1216, Jan 02 2006

       My! This year is just _rushing_ past.   Whew.
reensure, Jan 02 2006

       Christmas trees are extremely flammable once they dry out. But they do burn brightly.
baconbrain, Sep 04 2007

       my (fake) tree stays with me till the temperature makes it look ridiculous (usually mid-June). it makes winter liveable.
k_sra, Sep 05 2007


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