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LI inside NAV with no UL renders inline

Block, or inline? Neither, it's for my armpits.
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Normally a series of list items in html are contained in either an unordered or ordered list element (depending which you want). These days, we often create a navigation by using a UL and a bunch of LI elements inside, each containing a link. The first thing we do is to change the direction of rendering from block to inline, so that they don't fall under one another, but alongside each other instead. I suggest that if a modern bowser sees a NAV element which has a group of LI child elements not contained in anything else, the browser should decide the List Items are to be rendered inline, one beside the other.
Ian Tindale, Aug 02 2015


       No, I’m not confusing layout with content. Try functionality.   

       What the fuck are you on about “all nav is redundant” — what about the situations where you want navigation, such as, always?
Ian Tindale, Aug 02 2015


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