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Lightweight driveway cover

Covered parking with conveyor belt
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If you don't have a garage, covered parking is the next best thing. But it has to be sturdy or the weight of snow can collapse it.

Instead of solid panels for the roof, make the cover of weatherproof/waterproof canvas in the form of a conveyer belt. It could made in sections if the covered area is too big for a single canvas. Have one or more electric motors turn it slowly and continuously while it's snowing, to convey and dump snow along the side of the driveway.

kdf, Feb 16 2021

Conveyor belts simplify rooftop snow removal https://www.sunkidw...ooftop-snow-removal
Ooh, I hates it when this happens - not a new idea [kdf, Feb 16 2021]


       //has to be sturdy or the weight of snow can collapse it// Best to store heavy posessions like snow somewhere else, shireley?
pocmloc, Feb 16 2021

       "Best to store heavy possessions like snow somewhere else"
—pocmloc, Feb 16 2021

       You're welcome to come take it. We have more than we need.
kdf, Feb 16 2021

       With a flexible solar panel material, another function with self wiping. One side for snow the other for photons. Angle, orientation has to be right, though.
wjt, Feb 16 2021

       Build your garage out of ice, snow is just nature's free roof insulation.
bs0u0155, Feb 16 2021

       Baked? Link.   

       I'll give myself a [marked-for-deletion] but leave this up for a few days to see if anyone can improve on it.
kdf, Feb 16 2021

       The [link] is a bit different, not actually a conveyor roof. More like a snow gutter to help remove snow from large roofs.   

       Depending on the roller mechanism, varying the material of the carport roof would be possible. A bit like and old tape cassette but wider.
wjt, Feb 16 2021

       Agree link is different, link looks like a ~2ft width conveyor belt as found on some easy ski slopes, repurposed for snow removal.   

       One alternative might be to make the canvas roof frame on rollers allowing tangential motion, with springs to hold it centered, so when snow accumulates it could be winched back and then released to shake off snow in the manner of a wet dog.   

       Some aircraft have "deicing boots" on the leading edge of the wings which periodically inflate to shed ice.
sninctown, Feb 17 2021

       I wouldn’t want to shake the ice off, I figure a steady rolling of the canvas would keep it from accumulated at all.
kdf, Feb 17 2021

       If it's anything like the snow we get here you'd need quite the berm to ensure that all conveyed snow does nothing but pile further and further across your driveway, (in a now compacted ice sheet), which will be quite a bit harder to shovel.   

       -I've had to shovel four feet of overnight snow from the top of a vehicle before I could drive it to work.
-Our family woke one morning to our entire front entry drifted with snow and had to shovel our way out.

       Sorry, but your tarpy conveyor thingy won't work on anything without a drop-zone.   

       A different approach would be to install an inflatable plastic bubble-dome covering the front walk and driveway cover, then allow it to be buried under the snow over the course of the winter.
sninctown, Feb 17 2021

       You guys like REALLY underestimate the power of ice.   

       It will shred your shit with weight and pressure that is hard to comprehend until seen.
Like lift the foundation of your house several feet in the air if it wasn't dug deep enough below the frost-line.

       Split cliff faces from mountains and stuff.   

       Just sayin...   

       Well, there’s snow, and then there’s SNOW.   

       I’m thinking of this product for a region where a 6” to a foot of snow coming down overnight happens maybe once season, with smaller amounts being more common. Folks who have to routinely dig out 4 feet of the stuff need other options, like moving to the tropics.
kdf, Feb 17 2021

       Hmm... make it sloped 10-15 degrees.
For light snowfall, runs slowly "downhill", snow accumulates in a small pile next to driveway.
For heavier snowfall, runs much faster "uphill", launching snow further away from driveway (preferably as far as the neighbours yard...).
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 17 2021

       This idea depends on snow NOT accumulating on the cover (lest the weight of snow causes the cover to collapse). So there would never be enough to throw in the neighbors yard. I'd arrange create my "drop zone" simply be having the cover extend a foot or two beyond the edge of my driveway - and perhaps a raised berm on the ground to make sure that it didn't have a chance to pile up or drift back on to the driveway.
kdf, Feb 17 2021

       If you build it with a steep roof you can do away with the conveyor...
Voice, Feb 18 2021


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