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Like Twitter, Except You Tweet 0.72 Seconds Of Video Instead

Inventing the gesturesphere
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Remove text, remove words, remove keyboards, remove glyphs printed on buttons that translate into uttered parts of whole sentences.

Send not an MMS but a tiny snip of video that represents a facial expression, an action, a gesture, a moving icon, a posited attitude. No long words - you'll probably run out of time. This is smaller than a soundbite, smaller than a nibble, more like a sophisticated grunt.

Ian Tindale, Jun 10 2009

Bubbletweet http://www.bubbletweet.com/
[JesusHChrist, Jun 10 2009]

Not to be confused with Flickr http://www.flickr.com/
[Dub, Jun 10 2009]

Be confused, on flickr http://www.flickr.c.../tags/gestureverse/
[Ian Tindale, Jun 10 2009]

Twitter hype punctured by study http://news.bbc.co....hnology/8089508.stm
Just 10% of Twitter users generate more than 90% of the content, a Harvard study of 300,000 users found. However, the Harvard team found that more than half of all people using Twitter updated their page less than once every 74 days. And most people only ever "tweet" once during their lifetime, the researchers found. [django, Jun 10 2009]

The MIT encyclopedia of the cognitive sciences http://books.google...ct=result&resnum=10
Episodic vs semantic memory [Ian Tindale, Jun 10 2009]

Episodic memory and cognitive capabilities http://www.scribd.c...ognitive-Capability
[Ian Tindale, Jun 10 2009]

Procedural memory failures http://www.memory-k...ry/procfailures.htm
[Ian Tindale, Jun 10 2009]

Episodic Action Memory for Real Objects: An ERP Investigation With Perform, Watch, and Imagine Action Encoding Tasks Versus a Non-Action Encoding Task http://portal.acm.o...tion.cfm?id=1163303
(abstract) [Ian Tindale, Jun 10 2009]

(?) A Computational Model of Routine Procedural Memory http://scholarship....u/handle/1911/21956
[Ian Tindale, Jun 10 2009]

Hierarchical schemas and goals in the control of sequential behavior http://cat.inist.fr...heN&cpsidt=18181628
(abstract) [Ian Tindale, Jun 10 2009]

A cognitive approach to intercultural communication based on schema theory http://www.scienced...5a1c4ea64486f83d060
(abstract) [Ian Tindale, Jun 10 2009]

Angela Bartolo1, Roberto Cubelli2, Sergio Della Sala1, Silvia Drei2 and Clelia Marchetti3 [Ian Tindale, Jun 10 2009]

Pantomimed actions may be controlled by the ventral visual stream http://www.springer...t/y77t2nkw5c4ad4c1/
(abstract) [Ian Tindale, Jun 10 2009]

Pantomimes are special gestures which rely on working memory http://www.scienced...673796ce0635e8de9e3
(abstract) [Ian Tindale, Jun 10 2009]

Zouhair Maalej - Gesture, Speech and Sign http://muse.jhu.edu...v002/2.1maalej.html
(review) [Ian Tindale, Jun 10 2009]

Perception, Action, and Roelofs Effect: A Mere Illusion of Dissociation http://www.plosbiol...ournal.pbio.0020364
[Ian Tindale, Jun 10 2009]

Perception of time and causation through the kinesthesia of intentional action. http://sulcus.berke...CH.PerceivedTme.pdf
[Ian Tindale, Jun 10 2009]

"Wow, that looks like a tsunami !" http://www.susanmer...les-photos-sho.html
[normzone, Jun 10 2009]

1/10 second-long youtube video http://www.youtube....watch?v=9uDgJ9_H0gg
The shortest one I could find with discernable motion. [tatterdemalion, Jun 10 2009]

Deckard analyzes photos http://www.youtube....watch?v=zOh6POP3tzc
no motion here [bungston, Jun 11 2009]

Asian poses: The definitive guide to Asian poses. http://asianposes.com/
[Ian Tindale, Jun 12 2009]

Mona twitter http://www.flickr.c...simondo/3518306770/
[AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 14 2009]

Even less http://threeframes.net/
But funnier. [gen1000, Jun 14 2009]

What is 12seconds? http://12seconds.tv/
"12seconds helps you update your friends and family with short video clips that you record with your webcam, mobile phone, or upload. Show people where you are and what’s going on. Send video updates to Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, your blog, friendfeed, iTunes, and more!" - this looks like being eerily close to being baked [hippo, Jun 21 2009]

http://www.flickr.com/photos/iantindale/3614289434/ http://www.flickr.c...tindale/3614289434/
wish I could loop it over and over and over.... [knowtion, Jun 21 2009]

6 seconds enough for you? http://www.guardian...ter-vine-iphone-app
[theleopard, Jan 25 2013]

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       Utterly Halfba
Jinbish, Jun 10 2009

       I think this idea is terr
hippo, Jun 10 2009

Dub, Jun 10 2009

Jinbish, Jun 10 2009

miasere, Jun 10 2009

       a three frame animated gif ought to do it +
xenzag, Jun 10 2009

       + I cut this piece of video out but it won't stick to the screen...
xandram, Jun 10 2009

       This is one of the most subtly insane ideas I've read in a while. I didn't realize this until I imagined how people would make gesturethreads, and how one would be able to "read" the threads real quick-like. And new users would feel very threatened by the media, but after a few weeks of living in the gestureverse you'd get acclimated to the usual patterns and occasional creative types, and before the end has it's way everyone would be able to read a lengthy gescusssion and be able to deduce much from little. A truly safe alternative to the crackpipe.
daseva, Jun 10 2009

       The problem is, 90% of all the content will be created by the same 10% of people.   

       The other millions will use it once, and then drop it.   

       And so will have emerged, and disappeared, another short-lived hype -- in the blink of an eye, so to speak.   

       [See link].
django, Jun 10 2009

       My mate's phone broke a while back rendering text messaging impossible, plus the microphone had blown so he couldn't reply with a phone call. In response to people's messages he would reply in MMS photos of himself adopting an appropriate facial expression, or holding up a prop, or informatively pointing at the background.   

       Worked pretty well...
theleopard, Jun 10 2009

       Damn Ian, I have been working on perfecting my "one eyebrow raised, full of disdain" look for years. Not with much success.   

       Now I feel compelled to get it down and quick. So I can show the world how utterly tired I am of it all. With one steely short half of a glance.   

       Ya Ya. ;-
blissmiss, Jun 10 2009

       a vogue artist's paradise
ryokan, Jun 10 2009

       also great fun for sign-language speakers
ryokan, Jun 10 2009

       The video should be shorter. 0.72 is long enough to not be subliminal. Also there should be a translator so one could enter text and have it translated into a series of short moving images. One who knows the images might choose text such that their preferred images are sent. But I want the text interpreted as images.   

       The AI interpretor could learn in a manner akin to voice recognition how often a sender kept a given tranlation and how often something else was chosen, from these choices moving to a more acceptable translation.   

       One might wish filters akin to those used by Google image. Seperate filters might filter overtly sexual and overtly violent images.
bungston, Jun 10 2009

       Okay, now that I've read all those articles to the lef
blissmiss, Jun 10 2009

       bungston, - I'm not sure they should actually be subliminal. If you imagine how you remember or perceive people or events involving people, it often tends to be motion, rather than still imagery, but only short duration motion - a tiny snippet of action or gesture or some such act. Very short duration. The kind of stuff that can be remixed and reconstructed into the raw material for dreams, and indeed, how our perception is frequently stored as a shorthand. Perhaps of a person doing something, or engaged in a gesture or motion or action. This can have a stored perceptual metaphor that you can retransmit as a spatial engagement in the form of a hand signal or handwaving representation of an action or position or interaction of positions. Etc. sort of thing.   

       Incidentally, this is related to a theory of mine regarding why some people are what they call 'photogenic' and others aren't, frequently coming out in photographs far from what they and others consider that they actually look like. In the case of someone with a complex personality, with at least some depth to it, you perhaps perceive them as a series or collection of moving sequences or acts or gestures - you never perceive them as the still frame of a photograph. In the case of someone who is perhaps, shall we say, a bit shallower, and perhaps with a redeeming feature of looking good and that's about it, then the memory or shorthand that you have of them more or less matches the impression given off by a still frame photograph, so there's less of a cognitive mismatch there, so they 'appear' photogenic because the photo comes out like you imagine the person.
Ian Tindale, Jun 10 2009

       [Ian], having burned thousands of frames of film dealing with the phenomena you describe there, I'm familiar with the problem.   

       "But she looks so interesting..."
normzone, Jun 10 2009

dentworth, Jun 10 2009

       Interesting theory about photogenicness - I agree. Also, as the world of photography moves away from paper towards on-screen viewing of images, "electronic photo frames", and e-Paper, it would make sense for the standard unit of time for photography to move from being a single moment (actually it's 1/125th (or whatever) of a second, but all displayed at once) to being 0.72s of action. Then all photos would be like those in books and newspapers in the Harry Potter films, containing a brief slice of time. Someone else will be able to tell me this - did the photos in Blade Runner which Deckard analysed in his apartment contain a bit of movement?
hippo, Jun 11 2009

       /In the case of someone with a complex personality, with at least some depth to it, you perhaps perceive them as a series or collection of moving sequences or acts or gestures /   

       I would think extreme wiggliness might be more likely than complex personality to give this impression. Although if by "complex personality" you mean multiple personalities, then I could imagine that a still picture would not do justice.   

       /did the photos in Blade Runner which Deckard analysed in his apartment contain a bit of movement?/ Do you mean the photos that he found that the repilcant was keeping? Linked is that clip. No motion I can see.   

       Finally, I suggest that these .72 seconds would be best if clipped from movies, to maximize attached baggage.
bungston, Jun 11 2009

       maximize attached baggage.. that's exactly what I like to get from this. Well said.
daseva, Jun 12 2009

       a culture without patience or persistence of intention will never produce anything of merit.
WcW, Jun 12 2009

       How does that work?
Ian Tindale, Jun 12 2009

       I refuse to like twitter!
ye_river_xiv, Jun 13 2009

       What's the bakery's quit ratio?   


       //I refuse to like twitter!// is very tweety.
daseva, Jun 13 2009

       I am addicted to twitter...
po, Jun 13 2009

       You're a Twit?
Dub, Jun 13 2009

       more of a half wit
po, Jun 13 2009

csea, Jun 13 2009

       // I refuse to even check Twitter out and see what it is. //   

       "I hate a thing I've never seen, I don't even know why, and I'm proud of it!" Haha that's excellent.   

       Like anything, Twitter has some great uses and some moronic ones. It's worth checking out at least, to make an informed decision about it. I find there is no better place to get quick information on big events or newsworthy world happenings.
tatterdemalion, Jun 13 2009

       oh, jump on a bandwagon once in your life - you might like the experience.
po, Jun 13 2009

       I have to say that I can't get into social networking sites at all. I have accounts at Facebook, Twitter and Multiply but I seldom go to any of them. Maybe I'm just a misanthrope. Or maybe it's just that this place exists.
wagster, Jun 13 2009

       Similarly, I've got facebook, twitter accounts, and I used to have a multiply account but never used it and forgot the login/password, and I never actually go to the sites. I simply read the noise in friendfeed (which I read in google reader, ironically). Friendfeed is proving to be an ideal noise handler for most people who are into all of this.
Ian Tindale, Jun 13 2009

       21 Quest, - twitter, facebook etc are simply this generation's CB radio.
Ian Tindale, Jun 13 2009

       I don't use texting to stay in touch on twitter - I read and write on it as I do here. its an excellent search engine and an insight into the ordinary lives of some very extraordinary people.
po, Jun 13 2009

       - and vice versa.
hippo, Jun 13 2009

       <sigh> it's a full time job!   

       hb is still my homepage :) but I look at yahoo email 2nd, flickr 3rd, twitter 4th and facebook once a month to see what my kids are up to.   

       yahoo alerts me to anything interesting on multiply which I would recommend as well.   


       oh goodness I forgot my work website that I edit but you will need to ask me about that...
po, Jun 13 2009

       I don't think of it as "keeping up". Whatever is there when you visit is what's there.   

       Regarding what I was saying earlier about Twitter being an excellent resource for information and updates whenever there is some sort of major event - there is a great example currently underway.   

       Go to the site and search on #IranElection and you will see lots of reports of violence and protest in the streets over the recent election, many from folks in Tehran and other cities, as Twitter appears to be still accessible there. This is much more than what I am seeing on local news broadcasts about the situation.
tatterdemalion, Jun 13 2009

       [21 Quest] I'm a Twitter/ Myspace / Facebook agnostic, too
Dub, Jun 13 2009

       21 Quest, I wouldn't expect to find people tweeting anywhere except Twitter.
tatterdemalion, Jun 13 2009

       Just tell that to Tweety Bird you meany.
blissmiss, Jun 13 2009

       I was more a fan of jaiku than twitter, in their early days. I predict twitter and it's similars will migrate to television effectively in the distant future. Currently, and like most sane people, I couldn't possibly manage any involvement in socnet at all without rss or feed readers (in my case, google reader) - it'd just be sheer pandemonium otherwise.
Ian Tindale, Jun 13 2009

       don't you mean tweetamondium sir tindale?   

       addendum: Ha ha ha ha...great link [awol],
blissmiss, Jun 14 2009

       I use my wife's Facebook every so often to track down old friends and such, but Twitter I just don't understand the appeal for. HB users have appeared to migrate all over the social web. First there was just here, then there was the yahoo groups, the maps, then multiply, then facebook...
RayfordSteele, Jun 18 2009

       All of those venues have disadvantages, and as the disadvantage surfaces and through the host user connects to other host users to validate as an accepted disadvantage, people move on to something else that works better. Like flotsam at the crest of a wave.   

       Also, the mechanism for handling group structures is improving, service by service, so for example, the early venues such as yahoo groups, orkut, multiply, yahoo 360° had a claustrophobic tendency to polarise the rest of the world out of an 'in' group, as the only way of strengthening the form of that in group.   

       Thus, for unadventurous people in those situations that were only connected to one in group, they were comfortable, but for those nodes who were connected above the critical mass, and seeking full utility that overlapped into other in groups, the necessary leakage of outside world members confused the limited ones. Thus, the handling of the network structure of groups was too primitive.   

       More advanced platforms such as facebook etc tended to improve this to a certain extent, but didn't 100% solve it - eg, if someone is on facebook and then their family all discover this and join, and then your 'work' people all join, it stops the fun and limits the range of expressiveness.   

       The more distributed and soluble platforms of today (friendfeed, twitter (and twitter from within friendfeed)) are heading toward a socially-moulded format, but are soon to be the subject of protest that they are single-supplier solutions.   

       What's likely next is a generification of function. ie, take the functionality that exists in (eg) twitter, and implement it generically so that it's not dependent on a single server system and single provider, and is interconnectable. Like email is.
Ian Tindale, Jun 21 2009

       See the Jan 25 2013 link to see it go from bakery to reality in 6 seconds.
theleopard, Jan 25 2013

       nice find leopard
Brian the Painter, Jan 26 2013


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