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Lushed In Space

Conspicuous consumption among the constellations
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Why all the effort put into miserly scrimping and saving of fuel and resources for long space trips? Chopping limbs off of people. Only sending them one way. What's next? Paying for the mission on a dodgy credit card?

If the other civilisations could see us they'd laugh. What kind of skint life-forms are these humans? Too cheap to make the journey a pleasure as well as a scientifically valuable project. Are we that poverty-stricken as a species?

I suggest that we not only find the resources to send what we want where we want, with ample fuel, but go to the other extreme and take vastly more fuel than is necessary. Go there in a gigantically inefficient space ship. With ample chrome wings and fairings and all the '50s stylings that were influenced by the forthcoming space-age. Bring pets, too. Take some incredibly heavy gold ingots - you won't be able to spend them, they're just for show. Astronauts would be encouraged to bling up until they can hardly stand up in earth's Atmosphere.

We'll show those extraterrestrials that we're survivors, we're independent and can pay the bills.

Ian Tindale, Jul 24 2007

Occurred in the 60's, when else? http://en.wikipedia...clear_propulsion%29
Here's the engine for your hot rod. [GutPunchLullabies, Jul 24 2007]


       Then MTV can produce a new reality show: "Cribs in Space"
globaltourniquet, Jul 24 2007

       One (large) room in the spaceship should contain a fully-functioning river, so the astronauts can relax by going trout fishing.
hippo, Jul 24 2007

       This is just flying in the face (as opposed to space) of common sense.
These ships will be really difficult to park at the spaceport .
Jinbish, Jul 24 2007

       A proper spaceship should have space for a swimming pool, barbecue and driving range - all suitably Gernsbackian in style with extraneous (but aerodynamic-looking) flanges, fins and fairings.
zen_tom, Jul 24 2007

       One can't travel in style without wheels - there should at the very least be a complete garage for one's fleet of Biturbos and Landbruisers, as well as an on/off road test track for entertainment. Tennis (indoors, of course) is also de rigeur, as are Versace spacesuits. [+]
nuclear hobo, Jul 24 2007

       I got the D-Child reference.
Texticle, Jul 24 2007

       //You do realise taxes will have to go up to pay for all the people making space bling//   

       Not at all. The wealthy will compete to outspend each other in the grotesque fabulousness of their craft and accoutrements, then they'll leave, hopefully never to return.   

       I'm thinking "Lushed in Space" combined with "One Way Mars Shot"
nuclear hobo, Jul 24 2007

       They're probably laughing right now, if they exist and can see us. Bringing everythign up from the home planet? What losers. They'll never escape the home system. Having the technology for cheap space launch and not using it? Ditto.   

       What we need is a decent shipyard... made of Lunar quartz, where we can amke spacecraft out of Lunar quartz and send them on their way using Lunar and NEO produced fuels.
Selky, Sep 16 2009


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