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Make Pavements 18% Grey

When building a new city...
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...photographers will thank urban designers and architects.
Ian Tindale, Apr 05 2006

Or maybe it should be 12% grey? http://www.bythom.com/graycards.htm
[Ian Tindale, Apr 05 2006]

softer? perhaps they'd look nice in softlight for Ken. pavements_20for_20head_20bangers
[po, Apr 05 2006]


       With colour bar pedestrian crossings, and resolution chart road signs. [+]
coprocephalous, Apr 05 2006

       I like the idea of pantone pedestrian crossings.
zen_tom, Apr 05 2006

       Oh definitely Tarmac'd.
zen_tom, Apr 05 2006

       //I like the idea of pantone pedestrian crossings// Would these be dubbed "cake walks" ?
coprocephalous, Apr 05 2006

       not parking meters then?
po, Apr 05 2006

       Or just plant grass everywhere (the other photographers' stand-by for metering).   

       P.S. My understanding was that 18% grey matched skin color (as seen in black and white, anyway), and the whole point of metering this way was to produce pleasant skin tones in the resultant photograph. Now that we live in a rainbow-colored world, perhaps all this stuff about mid-points between black and white is just post hoc rationalization to explain away why we white people chose that particular tone.
DrCurry, Apr 05 2006

       Some bugger will only come back, dig a hole, fit a pipe or cable and then tarmac over in the least aestheticallly pleasing colour.
Happens all the time!.
gnomethang, Apr 05 2006

       [-] i always thought it would be nice to have less grey about the place.
daaisy, Apr 05 2006

       But [daaisy] that's why it will only be 18% which, if you ask me, is a great improvement on those better-forgotten days of 36%, 42% and even as high as 57%.
The outright banning of grey will result in job losses and a general slowing of the economy, we must wean our elves from the grey gradually.
Please reconsider your fishboning of this most excellent idea.
methinksnot, Apr 05 2006

       What about the other 82% of pavements? I vote orange.
Texticle, Apr 05 2006

       Ah, I dunno - I'd prefer a stylesheet or such-like - Then you could change the looks and temprement of your locale easily and globally.
Dub, Apr 05 2006

       Good luck keeping any type of tone consistancy over time... ever noticed how new pavment is rather black, and gets lighter as it gets older.   

       Furthermore, unless I have my greys backwards, I would expect this to result in more glare.
my-nep, Apr 05 2006

       //we must wean our elves from the grey gradually //   

       You mean subtly convert from 37% grey to 18% grey, then to that shade of grey that's sort or grey, but also sort of blue, which people probably wouldn't notice, and then perhaps onto actually quite blue, which because of the gradual transition, would still go unnoticed, and then from there, to purple, and pink and red and orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, red, orange...   

       Sorry, I misunderstood the original proposition, It-will-be-wonderful!!!!! [++++]
daaisy, Apr 05 2006

       That's the spirit (with e-Bayesque + enthusiasm, even). But I notice you still left your negative vote up...there.
methinksnot, Apr 05 2006

       That's not mine. I forgot to actually vote in the first place.
daaisy, Apr 05 2006

       (ps, Methinksnot, my elf has a serious grey addiction. It will takes months, possibly years of therapy to wean him off it:)
daaisy, Apr 05 2006

       Dear God, its multiplied!
hidden truths, Apr 05 2006

       "Fish will find a way" Bunnassic Park.   

       [daaisy], take your elf to the Henry Ford centre (motto: they can have any colour so long as it's black) for a spell.
methinksnot, Apr 05 2006

daaisy, Apr 05 2006

       Your elf? That's not really acceptable in today's multicultural society. You should really have instilled some sense of tolerance in him from an earlier stage.
Education is key if we are to be succesfull in abolishing intolerance.
methinksnot, Apr 05 2006

       Hey, you're the one that brought up the subject of elves!   

       I did all I could to shelter him from the seedy world of grey, but with the media influence, all those greyscale images they print, and all the greyness on the news everyday, mostly from the weather reports, what was I supposed to do, lock him up!   

       I blame society.
daaisy, Apr 05 2006

       Blame his mother. It is de-rigeur these days.
methinksnot, Apr 05 2006

       Green is the new black [bisleep].
methinksnot, Apr 06 2006

       I want to know what colour is the other 82% ? +
xenzag, Apr 06 2006

       There's a danger that these pavements wouldn't be kept spotlessly clean and your photographs would be exposed perfectly for dog poo. Also, wouldn't you need some white pavements to enable you to set the white balance properly on your new digital camera?
hippo, Apr 06 2006

       Use a zebra crossing to ascertain contrast range. Use the pavement to ascertain midpoint reflection of incident light.
Ian Tindale, Apr 06 2006

       bigsleep - so how come there are no 18% grey people ? Eh - answer that !   

       I have a grey area on this site somewhere - the venerable Ian Tindale is cordially invite to pave it.   

       Another question: Is it gray or grey?
xenzag, Apr 06 2006

       On the basis of hippo's observation, croissant.
calum, Apr 06 2006

       50% grey is one f-stop down from 100% white.   

       25% grey is two f-stops down.   

       12.5% grey is three f-stops down.   

       18% grey, being between 12.5% and 25%, is about 2.5 f-stops down.   

       Most negative films have about a five f-stop useful range. An 18% grey is thus in the middle of that range (if one goes down 2.5 f-stops from 18% grey, one ends up with about a 3.1% grey; anything darker than that is apt to be nearly indistinguishable from black).
supercat, Apr 06 2006

       When do we say 'cheeese'?
methinksnot, Apr 06 2006

       Haven't seen this idea before. I do like it.
david_scothern, Apr 06 2006

       Water falls. Evaporates off. Leaves behind mineral residues, calcium/magnesium. Makes it whiten over time. Not very good for calibration.   

       It'd be easier to just have a bar in your pocket that you could calibrate to. I'm just taking this too seriously, so no bone.
sophocles, Apr 06 2006

       Ah, but all the chewing gum and stubbed out cigarette stains will darken it again...
DrCurry, Apr 07 2006

       //There's a danger that these pavements wouldn't be kept spotlessly clean and your photographs would be exposed perfectly for dog poo. Also, wouldn't you need some white pavements to enable you to set the white balance properly on your new digital camera?
hippo, Apr 06 2006 //
What about white dog poo? - that's gonna throw the whole thing out of whack.
gnomethang, Apr 07 2006

       Algae and staining would take them off colour and they'd be a nightmare when it rains but it's a cute idea. [+]
st3f, Apr 07 2006

       Where do you guys live? Council services will train the street-cleaning employees to recognise 18% grey and clean to that benchmark.
Where's [crash] when you need him?
methinksnot, Apr 07 2006

       18% grey should register as a spike dead in the middle of the histogram. If it doesn't, keep the photo and report this infraction.
Ian Tindale, Apr 07 2006

       Oh right, that's it. I'm calling Council, you're all in for a big can of wupass.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Apr 08 2006

       Now with 18% more wu!
methinksnot, Apr 08 2006

       In Hawaii the older concrete would be stained a rust red color. Surely that would make a more attractive, and exotic appearing sidewalk.
ye_river_xiv, May 06 2007


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