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Marijuana Freshener

Potentialy reverse a "reasonable cause" search
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If you had an air freshener in your vehicle that had similar smells to marijuana, if a cop indeed uses the "smell" probable cause, if you are found to have possession, you may be able to use the air freshener as an item to reverse the case. Might need a good lawyer.
leif980, Mar 06 2009

Air Freshener http://jakechristie...na-scented-air.html
Stupid Idea [leif980, Mar 06 2009]

pot leaf air freshener http://www.stickerg...eshener_raf230.html
don't know what it smells like, but if a cop sees it hanging in your car, he might search you. [jaksplat, Mar 07 2009]


       Uh... how would the air freshener work as a defense?   

       Edit: Just followed your link... you can't post an idea that you saw on another site. The Halfbakery is for ideas that are your own.
21 Quest, Mar 06 2009

       This was my idea, I decided to google the words, thats what I found. But it is not used as a product for defense in court, the air freshener can be the explanation for why the cop "mistakenly" smelled marijuana.
leif980, Mar 06 2009

       Someone who liked the smell of marijuana enough to purchase an air freshener that reproduced the scent would be more likely to actually have marijuana on their person that someone who didn't, surely?
Certainly enough to be "reasonable cause" for a proper search.

       I used to know someone from many years ago who would drive his car after drinking, and was convinced that if he drove around with an open can of beer (swigging from it occasionally) he'd be immune from prosecution because any breath-test would be invalidated by the fact that he'd literally just had a swig of beer!
This idea reminds me of that guy.

       The best way to avoid being found in possession, is not to be in possession - it's almost fool-proof.
zen_tom, Mar 06 2009

       21, you do know how to mark things correctly, I think you do. So why don't you? Only god knows.
daseva, Mar 06 2009

       [-] So let me make sure that I understand this- Your defense would be that even though you were breaking the law, the cop mistakenly thought that you were breaking the law based on something that was not illegal. That's like saying the man had hot sauce on his shirt so he should not have been investigated for murder even though there was a body in his apartment.
Jscotty, Mar 06 2009

       Yeah wrongfull entry and the obtained evidence is out. It does say it needs a good lawyer.
zeno, Mar 07 2009

       The officer is not required to get results from the search. If an officer has probable cause, performs a search, and finds something nothing can "invalidate" the probable cause. If a significantly large number of cars without anything illegal in them started driving around with this, a number of law suits and several years in the legal system it might be sufficient to remove the scent from the list of probable causes, although I wouldn't bet on it.
MechE, Mar 07 2009

       [admin: I'm ignoring the MFD, since the author did not, in fact, intend to promote someone else's link; nor is the link for the same product. If you removed it, that would help reduce confusion. Thanks!]
jutta, Mar 07 2009

       heheh "Sir your 'air-freshener' is still burning in the ashtray, come with us please"
FlyingToaster, Mar 07 2009

       Perhaps I'm confused. What *is* the difference between this idea and the idea in the link? It *seems* to me that they are both for marijuana-scented air fresheners. True, this idea is for "similar smells" to marijuana, whereas the one in the link is for for a "marijuana-scented" air freshener. But what smells similar enough to marijuana to comfort a true addict, who can usually tell the difference between shitty weed and top- shelf by the smell? If this is scented with real marijuana, then a law is being broken. If it's scented artificially, no true weed-lover would be fooled, and neither would an experienced cop. However, the probable cause is still there, because if you enjoy the smell of marijuana enough to have a scented air freshener in your car, then it's probable that you enjoy the real thing, and thus have used the real thing at some point, and therein lies the crime.   

       And, by the way, the whole messing with the cops part of this idea was taken straight from the scenario at the bottom of the page in that link. You have to scroll down (actually, it's more in the middle of the page).   

       Later: It appears, after searching on Google, that sage has a similar scent to marijuana. Still though, it's only recommended for those who've never smoked marijuana to burn so they can get an idea of what marijuana smells like. This isn't likely to fool anyone with experience.   

       (MFD removed, fishbone stays)
21 Quest, Mar 07 2009


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