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Monopoly 2

Incorporates national brand management and debt
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A new version of monopoly where you can spend as much as you like and run up a huge debt so long as you are able to hype your brand.

New cards in Chance -

"You have won second prize in a beauty contest - go directly to jail".

"Brexit - go back three spaces".

"Global economic problems" - give 10% to the bank. (In the new version most cards in the Chance deck)".

bigsleep, Dec 06 2016


       I know I'm one to talk but do we have to pollute the halfbakery with halfbaked politics at every turn?
RayfordSteele, Dec 06 2016

       I have come across rules for playing debt monopoly. You can borrow as much as you like from the bank I think. Its actually almost interesting.
pocmloc, Dec 07 2016


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