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Monopoly 2

Incorporates national brand management and debt
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A new version of monopoly where you can spend as much as you like and run up a huge debt so long as you are able to hype your brand.

New cards in Chance -

"You have won second prize in a beauty contest - go directly to jail".

"Brexit - go back three spaces".

"Global economic problems" - give 10% to the bank. (In the new version most cards in the Chance deck)".

bigsleep, Dec 06 2016

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       You could modify it so that it isn't based on buying houses or hotels in particular streets and areas, but rather, buying closed and failed shops in particular areas and running economically-staffed mani-pedi nail bars and opening yet more betting shops in their place.
Ian Tindale, Dec 06 2016

       I know I'm one to talk but do we have to pollute the halfbakery with halfbaked politics at every turn?
RayfordSteele, Dec 06 2016

       I have come across rules for playing debt monopoly. You can borrow as much as you like from the bank I think. Its actually almost interesting.
pocmloc, Dec 07 2016


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