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NASA Homewares

The Brand You Can/Can't (delete one) Trust
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Let the engineers of NASA take time out from their nerdly duties and be directed toward the design and manufacture of a well understood consumer good. Let the quality, reliability, performance and price of the resultant waffle iron serve as an indication as to the prowess/mediocrity (delete one) of these would-be brainiacs, and use this information to make more informed choices around government funding.
Texticle, Jun 04 2008

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       The Wonder Waffle Waffle maker! It will last a lifetime(1), Guarenteed! Drop it, overheat it, immerse it in boiling oil, drive over it with a truck, this waffle iron will just keep chugging away! In a handy case that will fit under your counter(2) the Wonder Waffle maker features temperatures accurite to 1/10,000th of a degree, cycle times acurite within a nanosecond, and can survive a nuclear blast! Each time you use it, it has less than three chances in 10^20 to fail! Buy now, only $200,000! plus free delivery!

(1)"a Lifetime" is defined as the time it takes for you, your children, and your great grandchildren to live and die, assuming the average lifespan for Canadiens in the year 2008.

(2)Some construction required. Your house must meet quality of electricity standards.
Voice, Jun 05 2008

       //average lifespan for Canadiens in the year 2008.//   

       But...what about the lifespan of those outside of Quebec?   

       // //average lifespan for Canadiens in the year 2008.//   

       But...what about the lifespan of those outside of Quebec? //
Yes, and what the Quebecoises?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 05 2008


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