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Paperclip USB Drive

Combine paper clips with USB drives
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Combine paper clips with low-capacity (say, 16MB-ish) USB drives, bang 'em out really cheap, clip a wad of paperwork together, and supply the digital version along with it.
Ian Tindale, Dec 16 2005

(?) iDisk Diamond http://www.engadget...y/1234000240066037/
Small USB drive -- ideal for attaching to paperclips. [st3f, Dec 18 2005]

WO 2010136025 http://worldwide.es...=2010136025A1&KC=A1
patent for a USB paper clip. [xaviergisz, Sep 13 2011]


       12 dozen please...
po, Dec 16 2005

       Would you be able to unfold it, and use it to pop-out any CDs you'd left in the PC when you turned it off?
Dub, Dec 18 2005

       Quite an innovative idea, be useful at board meetings where you would hand out copies of your presentation, then go ahead an plug the usb in your laptop for a powerpoint
half-n-half, Dec 18 2005

       agreed with pa've. i had a really small 16meg usb, remarkably tiny. only to find that i'd lost it after about 3 days of purchase. size rendered it useless, as i was unable to locate it thereafter.
chocolateraindrops, Dec 18 2005

       Maybe a barcode would be more appropriate? I know, barcodes cannot store much, but maybe they can point to some location where the data is hiding.   

       Of course, the usb solution is more elegant than retyping data, but the real feature would be bluetooth
mrak, Dec 18 2005

       Recast then, as USB bulldog clips. A bit bigger, harder to lose, more robust.
calum, Dec 19 2005

       I can already see a room full of bored co-workers chewing on their USB Drives.
Honduras, Dec 19 2005

       Ah, but that's the beauty of the idea. They may be small, but they are connected to something large.
Worldgineer, Dec 19 2005

       By "really cheap", you'll still end up with a single USB paper clip costing > $5 each. You can't make 1/100th of an already cheap chip for 1/100 the cost. There are costs in base pure silicon, deposition machines, wiring/bonding from the chip to the plug, and packaging & distribution. All of these are pretty expensive steps that are necessary regardless of memory size.   

       So, at the price, I'd still rather email everyone a copy of the presentation, or put it up on a website (internal/external).
sophocles, Dec 19 2005

       Is that Nendo Clip some sort of infringement of Ian Tindale's intellectual property?
xenzag, Sep 11 2011

       //Is that Nendo Clip some sort of infringement of Ian Tindale's intellectual property?//   

       Nope. The only intellectual property created by posting stuff on HB is (arguably) copyright. Copyright does not cover ideas or physical embodiments of ideas, only the verbatim use of the words.   

       But IT should be chuffed that his idea has now been created; showing either: a) people have noticed his idea and wanted to make it, or b) (more likely) someone has independently come up with the same idea - great minds think alike and all that.
xaviergisz, Sep 11 2011

       I would argue that one in court. Ownership of intellectual property is an automatic right achieved by a verifiable publication date. I've just written to the Fred Corporation about a similar matter re one of my ideas.
xenzag, Sep 11 2011

       I wish, so wish that [half] would come back - I miss him... as you were.
po, Sep 11 2011

       //Ownership of intellectual property is an automatic right achieved by a verifiable publication date. I've just written to the Fred Corporation about a similar matter re one of my ideas.//   

       So you didn't have enough confidence in your idea to invest a few hundred dollars at the time to file a patent application, but now that someone is producing it you want to create your IP rights retrospectively?   

       The system might not be perfect and you might not agree with its structure, but you've got to play by the rules.   

       Sorry to come across a bit snarky, but it's probably better that you realise what you're up against sooner rather than later.
xaviergisz, Sep 11 2011

       You wouldn't be able to claim rights at this late date. However, if Nendo has a patent for the idea of a paperclip / USB drive combo, you could likely get it invalidated. If you spent the money and jumped through the apropriate hoops, that is.
lurch, Sep 12 2011

       Achievement of a patent requires proof by search that there was no prior publication. There clearly was prior publication, which would have invalidated any attempt that Ian Tindale might have initiated for patenting purposes.   

       I cannot therefore see how the Nendo patent can be held to be valid, and I would challenge it on these grounds.
xenzag, Sep 12 2011

       so.... baked, then?
methinksnot, Sep 14 2011

       [Iain]'s idea is first here! I also thought of this, along with [iain] and all the linked folks.   

       Thinking I had thought of it I put it up on Quora, mentioning 3M so perhaps iain's idea will attract a corporate web screening, and it will be produced slightly benefiting hundreds of millions.   

       hmm big W clip with removable microSD card or clothespin
beanangel, Oct 12 2016


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