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Portable Ultrasonic Welder

Emergency radiator repair tool
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I found out to my cost (about £12.50) that glues that claim to glue anything to anything do not in fact glue anything to anything. This revelation occurred while trying to repair a leaky radiator before a 12 hour drive.

Long story short there are a couple of plastics that can't be glued and if you try the stuff will just peel straight off when set even if roughened up beforehand (I had a few choice words for the defective radiator I can tell you).

Apparently, there are only two techniques to attach two pieces of said plastic together -

1) bolting
2) melting.

This idea provides option 2) by means of a pocket sized ultrasonic welder. The welding tip is in the shape of a standard flat blade screwdriver to provide a secondary function. The ultrasound may actually be useful to assist unscrewing rusted / stuck screws.

bigsleep, Nov 29 2019

Sonic screwdriver https://en.wikipedi...i/Sonic_screwdriver
[Chairborne Hero, Dec 01 2019]


       Very good, but not halfbaked; this is a sensible, practical and useful idea amenable to expedient implementation.   

       What's it doing here ?
8th of 7, Nov 29 2019

       Excerpt from Wikipedia (link): The sonic screwdriver made its first appearance in 1968 ... as a multi-purpose tool ... it was used as a welding torch in Episode Five of The Dominators ...
Chairborne Hero, Nov 30 2019

       A pocket tool that clips onto 12V battery terminals?
wjt, Nov 30 2019

       It would be possible to construct a unit with the approximate form factor of a large cordless drill, but the battery life would be short -and it's hardly "pocket sized".   

       The 12V external power option is much more practical.
8th of 7, Nov 30 2019


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