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Privacy Hat

Panopticon avoidance
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Doing this on the smartphone, so please excuse typos. .

I have to admit a certain amount prior art, as it was inspired by an old daguerretype (see link)of my great- grandfather Hamish Not-Morrison III, found in a tin trunk in the attic, but it might be useful in out CCTV everywhere enviroment.

Hamish was known as being crippling shy and always sought to hide his features in public. Having the genius for invention ,which has passed down to me in some modest amount, he found scarves unsatifactory and decided to make his own apparatus, being a common or garden top hat, 4 mirrors and some brass struts he had reached his goal. Obviouly, the mirrror in front of the face has two ovals scratched out of the silvering, and great-grandfather always carried a weasel at all times for that purpose.

Regretably, the trunk did not hold the diagrams for gait recognition scrambling device, I believe it was a small clokcwork engine that connected with a pair of boots, raising and lowering the each heel by steam pressure in a more or less random fashion.

Anyway, a small puzzle...I promise 1 (repeat one) bun to the first halfbaker’s who solves it, it’s best presented verbally but here goes.


<sips from glass of water>

Ok, I’ll get on with it. There is one country in this world where (at a cursory check) more than 95% of the people (and I do mean talking, walking around on two legs, skin not scales, wears trousers, voting etc) are not mamalian. Which country is it?

not_morrison_rm, Feb 16 2018

The old four mirrors and and a hat routine https://drive.googl...vqF0V0zGdrGZDJ4Rz2m
[not_morrison_rm, Feb 16 2018]

Bactrian trousers https://drive.googl...fXOw9P2n7iOhzWN6zP2
[not_morrison_rm, Feb 17 2018]

the old two cans of anti-frizz hairspray and an uncooked chicken trick https://drive.googl...1SaeITp8neG-CBnEjqo
[not_morrison_rm, Feb 18 2018]

Exhibit A https://tinyurl.com/y9qojx72
[not_morrison_rm, Mar 04 2018]


       With regard to the conundrum, is there any significance to your atypical spelling of "mammalian"?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 16 2018

       Is this a pedant's tester?.....enviroment, halfbaker’s, clokcwork, the each heel, Obviouly..... I detect alcohol! ha - A smart phone you say. Having said that there is a certain madness here deserving of reward. {+} My brackets are forthwith curly ones.
xenzag, Feb 16 2018

       Sorry, no clues...   

       Mmmm, mmm the bun is just waiting.   

       Seven days from now, if not claimed, the bun goes to a deserving post that never got bunned. Any connection to Wilde's Bunbur-y?
not_morrison_rm, Feb 16 2018

       I would guess the Republic of Notmama.
pocmloc, Feb 16 2018

       //Seven days from now// Yes, but do we get the answer? Obviously I know, but I don't want to spoil it for the others.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 16 2018

       Well....let's see...and I may need to flee the country (again) fortuitously I was making a privacy hat ...
not_morrison_rm, Feb 16 2018

       Actually, the answer is Finland. Also Norway, France, New Zealand and Germany. And the US.   

       The human gut microbiome contains many more bacterial cells than there are human cells in a person't body. So, in any country, bacteria make up more than 95% of the people.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 16 2018

       And none of them vote, or even pay attention to advertising. Seems like a missed opportunity.
RayfordSteele, Feb 16 2018

       //So, in any country, bacteria make up more than 95% of the people   

       Ahem, I draw your attention to the "talking, walking around on two legs, skin not scales, wears trousers, voting etc" bit ...can't say I've ever seen bacteria wearing trousers.   

       <starts working on faked-up pic of a bacteria wearing trews, for the hell of it>
not_morrison_rm, Feb 17 2018

       // Seems like a missed opportunity. //   

       Not really, as they usually have no disposable income, don't use broadcast media or the Internet, and don't have a permanent address for deliveries.
8th of 7, Feb 17 2018


       Ahem backatcha, [nrm]. If 95% of the cells in a human are not mammalian, then 95% of each [walking, talking] person is not mammalian. And if 95% of each person is not mammalian, then 95% of [all the] people are not mammalian.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 17 2018

       Come to think of it, they don't pay rent, either. Freeloaders.
RayfordSteele, Feb 17 2018

       Sickening. They're probably into prostitution and illegal drugs, too.   

       About time there was a Bacteria Wall to keep the buggers out. Send 'em all back, we say. And what is the Gumment doin' ? Nothing. Absolutely sod all. They're worse than Hitler and the Nazis, all of them.
8th of 7, Feb 17 2018

       Because they're Poles?
LimpNotes, Feb 17 2018

       //they don't pay rent// protection, extra digestion, immunity balancing, needed aging and alcohol buffering or manufacture.
wjt, Feb 17 2018

       You just photoshopped those trousers from a dromedary.
pertinax, Feb 17 2018

       Blast, you noticed....ok the trousers are real, the dromedary is fake.   

       NB photo of lady in front of me in the queue...with a basket containing two cans of anti-frizz hairspray and an uncooked chicken...
not_morrison_rm, Feb 18 2018

       Well, I have lost the original documents, but anyone one clicking on Exhibit A will, if they really wanted to, find the mamalian bit.
not_morrison_rm, Mar 04 2018


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