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Projected Bookcase

For the spineless among us.
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Soon books will be utterly extinct. People used books in the past as a signalling artefact. And occasionally to read. And occasionally to finish one or two of them. With the new Amazon Kindhole that was released in recent weeks, and the established iPad, which can’t be easily viewed in bright sunlight (so don’t take it out on that day), and the forthcoming flood of ChromeOS powered tablet hardware, (probably not starting their commercial lives running ChromeOS), there’s nothing and no way to posture and display what you’re ploughing through.

I propose, in order to circumvent this calamitous scenario, a dedicated projector in the home that projects a suitably impressive collection of books onto a blank wall. Several of these may be used, dotted around the room, or even in other rooms, to portray the desired impression. A dial could be deployed by the user, marked “pretentiousness” and “ludicrousness” (they’d act like X and Y axes).

Ian Tindale, Oct 02 2010

(?) For [2_fries] http://www.cbihatep...in-the-library.html
Why limit yourself to visual fakery? [mouseposture, Oct 02 2010]

bookshelf wallpaper http://www.google.c...S303%26tbs%3Disch:1
[xandram, Oct 04 2010]


       This is, unfortunately, a good idea. [+]
mouseposture, Oct 02 2010

       Very Fahrenheit 451-ish.   

       The iPad already has a virtual bookcase for ebooks. If you projected that, you'd actually be showing off what you've read. Not that you'd want to.
DrWorm, Oct 02 2010

       It's gotta have that old book smell. Without old book smell it's just so...two dimensional.   

       [2_fries] Here you go: <link>
mouseposture, Oct 02 2010

I should probably refrain from posting that now.

       + I like it...
xandram, Oct 04 2010

       This implies that you not only socialise in person, but also invite people to your house. Most people have networks for that sort of thing and, as such, apps to display what iRead.   

       The idea and my comment also apply to music and films.
marklar, Oct 04 2010

       The projection should also show books occasionally disappearing as publishers delete them off your eBook device without your knowledge, and a massive padlock overlaid on the whole thing, to symbolise your inability to lend books to your friends or to resell them or give them to charity shops, like you can with real books.
hippo, Oct 04 2010

       I like having a bookcase in the house - and one man's posturing is another man's embarrassment. I enjoyed reading all those Asimov books, and there's more than one Dean Koontz in there too, but I don't necessarily want visitors to think these (or any others) in any way define who I am. So you takes the rough with the smooth, and forget about trying to show off and accept that while some people may find some of your books of interest, others will titter quietly as soon as they're out the door, but the large majority of them probably couldn't care less.   

       Having said that, this isn't just for showing off (is it?) it's about having an analogous bookshelf display unit for people who read internet books - (an idea I still don't get - internet is for internet and reading quick stuff - books are soft and packable and non-breakable and foldable, and you can put receipts in them, or carry a brochure around in them, or use them to kill insects - why would anyone even think that a plastic, non-flexible case that ties you in to a digital facsimile of the real thing, at 100 times the price, would be a good idea? Books are open source, anyone can write one, and anyone can read one that they find lying around - all the eReaders are just rubbish browsers for people who've never heard of Project Gutenburg - although I notice that they're now catering for the eReader model rather than general file/browser) Rant over for now. But the book is not dead, not now, and probably not for a very long time yet.
zen_tom, Oct 04 2010

       I like this, [Ian]. Could you have different titles showing based on the guests you were entertaining? For instance, if you were entertaining rednecks and hillbillies, you might show the yellow and orange "Idiot's Guide" and "[XXX] For Dummies" books. For doctors, you might show rows and rows of rare medical texts. If you were entertaining lawyers, you might have... oh, nevermind. Lawyers don't have friends. Bun. [+]
Grogster, Oct 04 2010

       Yes, of course — the “pretentiousness” and “ludicrousness” dial adjusts this. The “pretentiousness” axis governs how high you’d like people to think your brow is, and the “ludicrousness” axis juxtaposes books that, at one extreme, you’d expect to go together, and at the other extreme (are both ends of the extremeness continuum still regarded as extremes?) the juxtapositions would be highly unlikely and surprising, even, well, ludicrous.
Ian Tindale, Oct 04 2010

       Finally I can get that $1400 Zelazny first edition I've always wanted.
normzone, Oct 04 2010


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