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Push Cornwall into the EU

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As a sort of half-hedged back door, swiftly but secretly give Cornwall independence, then sign them up to the EU.
Ian Tindale, Jan 22 2017

A document https://www.cornwal...ional-Minorites.pdf
[Ian Tindale, Jan 23 2017]


       Or even the Crown Dependencies (Channel Islands and Isle of Man)? - these are not currently part of the UK or the EU. It would be nice for them to get EU membership as we lose ours.
hippo, Jan 23 2017

       // lose //   

       Sp. "get rid of"
8th of 7, Jan 23 2017

       //"get rid of"//   

       Sp. "shit the bed."
zen_tom, Jan 23 2017

       //As a sort of half-hedged back door//   

       This would mean cornish pasties would still be subject to EU rules. Personally I like my pasties horsemeat free.
bigsleep, Jan 23 2017

       // be subject to EU rules //   

       Likewise, we prefer legislation horseshit-free.
8th of 7, Jan 23 2017

       But do you like your water hydrated or not?
RayfordSteele, Jan 23 2017

       The thing is, Cornwall was declared independent by the Council of Europe. Well, not independent, not that strong, more declared a separate species, or something. Learning this, yesterday, even made me go and look up what this Council of Europe thing is. Apparently they're the chaps that first came up with that European flag that the EU use.
Ian Tindale, Jan 23 2017

       //// be subject to EU rules //
Likewise, we prefer legislation horseshit-free.//
The proportion of horseshit in legislation has no correlation with the locus of the legislative body, though I will say that I also prefer my legislation shite-free also. Makes it so much easier to chew on.
calum, Jan 23 2017

       No idea what's going on here, but... I didn't know that nipple-covering adhesive decorations (or nipple-adhering decorative coverings) were made using horse meat in the first place?
absterge, Feb 03 2017


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