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Rearview Site

A review site for people who've already bought the thing…
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…and simply want reassuring opinions that they've made the right decision.

'Rearview Reviews' (or some such name) might be a web site based on user-contributed reviews, but almost all content is highly positive, even if it means departing from the realm of fact.

So often, people write reviews of an item, and other people read these reviews, not only in the hope of being guided in a future purchase, but also for purposes of reassurance if they already own said item. It's not nice to read xxx vs yyy comparisons that point out that someone else's yyy is far better than your xxx, especially as you're completely unable to discern whether what you've got on your hands is any good or not (if you knew, you wouldn't have to spend all this time lapping up other people's opinions).

A typical rearview review might start with a few factual comparisons, metrics and evaluations, but will progress into exaggerations, and as the review matures, you soon discover that this xxx you own or lust after is none other than the holy grail, the ark of the covenant and the only thing that will save the universe because it evidently created it in the first place. Or at least, according to all the contributing reviewers.

Then, in 50 years, the technosocial archaeologists won't be able to discern the wood from the trees, and all sorts of fairly naff items of today will fetch ludicrous 'cult status' followings and consequent inflated prices.

Ian Tindale, Jun 11 2006

19" Display - "I found one in the dumpster, and it works just fine" http://www.epinions...01/display_~reviews
[normzone, Jun 12 2006]


       Celsus emptor.   

       This is the best idea I've ever seen on the halfbakery. I encourage everyone to write one exactly like it.
neilp, Jun 12 2006

       Link is to a review I wrote of a display I found in the dumpster that works just fine.
normzone, Jun 12 2006

       I was baffled until the last paragraph, wherein the crux of this marvellous idea was revealed.
Texticle, Jun 12 2006

       Anti-buyers remorse?
James Newton, Jun 12 2006

       I did a web search for "rear view site", and got some pictures I shouldn't have been looking at at work. Can you tell me: am I going to Hell?
bibliotaphist, Jun 12 2006

       Would you recommend these pictures?
Ian Tindale, Jun 12 2006

       I would love to visit a site like this for my tools. Sometimes someone will tell me about the great new watchummacallit they've bought at lower cost than mine and it keeps nagging and nagging and NAGGING...
zeno, Jun 12 2006

       "I think you make a great choice to buy that. It will surely increase in value in the future; smells, in my opinion, better than the real thing, and the oddly simulated pubic hairs in it are really cool; no other product has them. Good purchase!"
phundug, Jun 12 2006

       Heh - the 'Jensen Interceptor' car on eBay, wasn't it?
Ian Tindale, Jun 13 2006

       // 19" Display - "I found one in the dumpster, and it works just fine" // What the hell was he doing in there? Looking for an old floppy drive?
MoreCowbell, Jun 13 2006


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