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Encrypt all storage on computers in such a way that every possible encryption product is gathered together as one single unified result, for each file or document or entire file system of a storage node.
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Each item of data would be encrypted, but not in one way with one key, but in all possible ways with all possible keys.

Then the result of all these possible products would be fractally unified in a homeopathic manner such that it can be reversed back out idempotently in any of the other decryption methods, not just the one used to get it into that state. Because it is recursive, just keep going until the encryption method actually used happens to produce the rabbit out of the hat. Shouldn't take long.

To explain it simply, to the general public: it'd be like taking a cup of tea and decrypting it to arrive at the water back in the kettle, the dry teabag back in the cupboard, and the milk back in the cow.

Ian Tindale, May 13 2017


       Yes, [Ian].
MaxwellBuchanan, May 13 2017

       I thought this was how it worked already.   

       After all, how else does the milk get into the cow?
pocmloc, May 13 2017

       Isn't this laziness and unnecessary overhead . Why waste time, just encrypt stuff you need to encrypt. But if you want to keep all your secrets in one FS blob, I won't hold you back.
wjt, May 13 2017

       Category: Wikipedian idempotent homeopathic technology.
pashute, May 14 2017


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