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Recycle And Gamble

Everyone wins
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These gaming clubs encourage recycling by giving chips for aluminum/metal only. Chips are not for sale. Cash in at any time.

City councils of towns encourage and regulate.

Bring in your cans, have them weighed, get paid in casino chips. You’ll either take home some descent cash or nothing at all, but you’ve helped do your part to save the landfill.

oyea6, Jul 31 2004


       Wow, if they weighed my can, I'd get a _lot_ of chips. Maybe even some fish too.
Ander, Jul 31 2004

       There used to be 1-arm-bandit-type machines (aka fruit machines) outside petrol stations here; you put a can in and it crushed it while spinning the fruit dials. Most of the prizes were things BP sold - chocolate bars, oil etc.
benjamin, Aug 01 2004

       One would require alot of scrap metal to accrue chips of any noticeable value, but (+) for the eco-friendly notion.
Cunninglinguist, Aug 01 2004

       I guess they should take any recyclables.   

       Best if it's the only gaming house in town.   

       Clean up your town with gambling. That would be a switch.
oyea6, Aug 01 2004


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