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Reflexive (but not very deeply recursive) April fool

Like one April fools, only there’s two of them. For the same thing.
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The template is:

• state something shocking, but actually true
• exclaim: Ha! — April fool!
• then exclaim: No actually, it’s true — April Fool!

…and sew on. No, actually, that’s it.

Ian Tindale, Apr 01 2015


       So let me get this straight. There's two Aprils Fools, but just one April Fool? Hmmm.
blissmiss, Apr 01 2015

       Les deux, c'est une énorme amélioration.
susandonim, Apr 01 2015

       ... a cup of coffee for each of them, then.
xandram, Apr 01 2015

       How about an Ape Rile Fool? You climb into an Ape's enclosure at a zoo and rile up the apes until they start attacking you.
xenzag, Apr 01 2015

       Sounds like any given day in any political news forum.
RayfordSteele, Apr 01 2015

       I hypnotized you to be a chicken on the word 'memo' and will wakeup on sound of laughter ...
wjt, Apr 03 2015

       Let's make April Fools day only sixteen hours long.
tatterdemalion, Apr 04 2015

       An interesting idea, but quite difficult; what shocks anyone nowadays?
pertinax, Apr 04 2015

       April fools... nah actually not:
* The US government wishes to support Iran.
* The US's main ally in the Middle East is Iran's enemy, Saudi Arabia, where women are not allowed to drive a car, polygamy is encouraged, and large cities are restricted to people of the Muslim faith.
* An Islamic state that beheads people of other faith and enslaves women has been established in Iraq and Syria.
* The women's rights committee at the UN was headed by Lybia.
* The 18 members of the UN Human Rights Council includes members from Pakistan, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Venezuela and Montenegro
* The UN Humans Rights Commission has the following members: Colombia, Algeria, Morocco and Egypt
* Israel is condemned by Arabs for violating women's rights.
pashute, Apr 05 2015

       // The women's rights committee at the UN was headed by Lybia.// Better than its being beheaded.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 05 2015

       Jewish rabbis ruled that it is prohibited to buy packaged food that has the Christian (Gregorian) date listed on it, rather than using the Hebrew calendar. - April fools!
pashute, Apr 05 2015

       This practice will die out through natural selection.   

       "Gefiltefish - best consumed before 16 Toyota 5776."   

       Seriously, am I the only one thinking that we should just take all the faith leaders and believers, drop them down in Norway, supply adequate alcohol and firearms and let them sort themselves out? If any of them make it, they get to keep Norway.   

       We have better stuff to be getting on with.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 05 2015

       Sometimes allies are not based on principles but on the needs of strategy. Keep your friends close, and your enemies your strategic allies...
RayfordSteele, Apr 06 2015


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