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Rename Man and Woman

To Girl and Penisgirl.
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Why should the base human model be the man that's changed to a woman by adding a womb? Man+womb = Woman.

Changing it to "Girl" and "Penisgirl" would spit in the face of the patriarchy by establishing that there is the base model of homo sapiens, the currently referred to "female" and you get the "male" version by adding a penis.

Another example right there. Male is currently used as the base model of this animal and you add "fe" to it as if being a woman is just a man with some stuff attached.

This flips the script and makes everything right so the world will be all like, just 'n stuff.

Girl= the primary model

Penisgirl= the secondary model

I could make a good living as a professor at Berkeley.

doctorremulac3, Mar 24 2018

The Default Sex For A Human Is Female https://www.ck12.or...omosomes-and-Genes/
Besides this particular link, you can find plenty of other support for that little datum (if you search for it). [Vernon, Mar 25 2018]

Miloš Zeman https://en.wikipedi...ki/Milo%C5%A1_Zeman
[Skewed, Mar 25 2018]

Jirí Drahoš https://en.wikipedi...9%C3%AD_Draho%C5%A1
[Skewed, Mar 25 2018]

Man (word) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Man_(word)
[Skewed, Mar 25 2018]

andro etymology https://www.google....160k1.0.92Bh8HQ70_k
the etymology of andro, it's Greek. [Skewed, Mar 26 2018]


       //This flips the script//   

       Wouldn't "Wo" & "Manwo" be more symmetrically symbolic.
Skewed, Mar 24 2018

       Hey, if it gets attention and pisses people off it would work.
doctorremulac3, Mar 24 2018

       I don’t think it really hinges around genitals. Having a penis or having a vagina isn’t really what defines a man or a woman. There are many subtle levels of what constitutes gender gradations and accepted (or not) breakdowns of roles and positions in modern society, regardless of the physical attributes and outward appearances of the identikit body designs, whether natural or augmented. That, and making sure the dinner’s ready on time.
Ian Tindale, Mar 24 2018

       So woman isn't an urban contraction of wombed man. I have been thinking about words all wrong.
wjt, Mar 24 2018

       //So woman isn't an urban contraction//   

       Definitely not (I think).   

       It's far more likely to be some kind of possessive from way back, like the ova in Martinova (which has nothing to do with ovaries, trust me, I'm almost completely certain of this.. well, maybe), that's a possessive pronoun & translates (into English) a bit like if you tack an "of" or "belonging (or belongs) to" in front of the Martin instead, males of the same family simply have Martin rather than Martinova as their surname.   

       The origins of the Wo in Woman is far more likely to be more along the lines of meaning something like "of" Man originally.
Skewed, Mar 24 2018

       Among certain circles, "Man!" means something quite impressive, while "Whoah, Man!" means something even more impressive.
Wrongfellow, Mar 24 2018

       ecksy and doublecks   

       //origins// man is gender-neutral; werman and wyfman is male and female, respectively - 15c(?) English.
FlyingToaster, Mar 25 2018

       //Man!" means something quite impressive, while "Whoah, Man//   

       Worked with a guy who liked to call everyone "big man" (I think it may be a northern thing?).   

       Regardless of age (but strangely enough not gender, he regarded gender quite keenly), I pointed out to him one day that the lad he'd just saluted with this phrase was only 14, for some reason he declined my suggestion to vary his greeting to be more age relative.   

       Apparently he had some objections to greeting anyone with the a cry of "hello big boy".
Skewed, Mar 25 2018

       Although this doesn't accord with etymology, that's not the only consideration with language and ahistorical coinages, such as "herstory", are still valid. But I think we should be moving towards gender neutrality, so no bun from me I'm afraid.
nineteenthly, Mar 25 2018

       //The Default Sex For A Human Is Female//   

       Which just goes to prove men should be held in higher regard, I mean come on, honestly.. who settles for a bog standard factory model when they've the option of one with all the extras? no one that's who :)
Skewed, Mar 25 2018

       //males of the same family simply have Martin rather than Martinova//   

       Nnnno. Males of the same family would have the equally possessive "Martinov".
pertinax, Mar 25 2018

       //Nnnno. Males of the same family would have the equally possessive "Martinov"//   

       [Linkies] Please observe the respective names of the two candidates for the Czech presidential election (2018) & their respective spouses which I present as evidence on my behalf..   

       Zeman / Zemanová   

       Drahoš / Drahošová   

       I spent a year living in Prague (even worked there some of it) & humbly beg the court to consider that though not exactly an expert witness this may add further weight to my opinion, never learned the language (I'm that lazy, I mean.. a whole year?) but I did pick up a few things.   

       I suppose it's possible a junior male (son) has a masculine possessive with only a families senior male having a fully truncated surname & it just somehow whizzed over my head for a whole year (I really can be that dense sometimes) but I'm pretty sure I'm right (this time).
Skewed, Mar 25 2018

       // man that's changed to a woman by adding a womb? Man+womb = Woman. //   

       No, by adding wifeness. Man + wife = wife-man, which became woman due to linguistic stuff. But back then, man meant person, and there was another word for male person, which I forget. (This sense is still used in e.g. mankind.) So, in modern terms, it meant wife-person, which is still not very nice because it reduces an entire gender to being wives.   

       Regarding this idea, I like the intent, but it seems to not be very compatible with transgender people.
notexactly, Mar 25 2018

       //Czech //   

       Ah. My bad. I was thinking of Russian.
pertinax, Mar 25 2018

       //My bad//   

       Nah, I should have said, I would have if I'd known Russian was different in this respect.
Skewed, Mar 25 2018

       //man meant person, and there was another word for male person, which I forget//   

       This [link] help with that, looks like it may be the Germanic roots of English you're thinking of?
Skewed, Mar 25 2018

       //No, by adding wifeness. Man + wife = wife-man, which became woman due to linguistic stuff.//   

       I was being silly with the "womb" thing, but this is about being silly.   

       But yes, you could change it to "girl" and "girlhusband" and get the same effect.
doctorremulac3, Mar 25 2018

       I'm sorry to be humorless but my humor on this topic has been exhausted. Feminism is gynocenterism run wild. It infantilizes women and demonizes men. It is the abuse of society's tendency to protect women at any cost, and the cost is becoming astronomically high. The laws feminists push for constitute female supremacy. From laws that force the arrest of battered men to the massive sentencing disparity to laws that define rape as something never done to men to outright demands that cherished and vital parts of the constitution be effectively suspended as long as a man has been accused of a crime by a women, feminism is destroying modern society and I don't mean that in any ironic or humorous way.   

       Furthermore feminism is self-contradictory. Women are strong and independent, but need a leg up. Women have always been powerless, but modern society cannot be credited to men. Men are always evil and that's why society needs to give men more responsibility. (but less power)   

       And don't even get me started on their abuse of science and statistics.   

       Until we have REAL equality, and that means equal rights and equal responsibilities across the board, feminism just. needs. to. die. And when we do have that (which will require countering feminism on a broad range of topics) there will be no need for it.
Voice, Mar 25 2018

       "Feminism" isn't that well defined. It spans a huge range of viewpoints, from the idea that women should be allowed to vote and drive cars, through to the idea that all men should be treated as rapists.   

       It's perfectly possible to agree with some, but not all, of these ideas.
Wrongfellow, Mar 25 2018

       // It spans a huge range of viewpoints, from the idea that women should be allowed to vote and drive cars, through to the idea that all men should be treated as rapists. //   

       Those who want real equality should call themselves humanists or egalitarians. Otherwise they're associating with and bolstering the evil of Duluth model and Patriarchy theory feminism.
Voice, Mar 25 2018

       Both of those extremes have one genesis: the drive to control people.   

       This illustrates perfectly how you can use polar opposite social doctrines as a control tool. One group seeking to achieve control sells the idea that women should be kept as pets with a bag over their head, the other group says that men are evil and must be treated like the criminal animals their nature forces them to be.   

       But the goal is the same: control through divisiveness, social friction and group dynamics.   

       Since I see the Godwin's law timer has gone off, we had the Nazis declaring war on non whites to consolidate power and weaponize a population. Currently we see the flip side of that on college campuses, at least here in America with the re-branding of outright, blatant hate filled racism. New terms are popping up such as "deconstructing whiteness" that are used as rallying slogans for the flipside of Hitler's message with the same goal in mind: divide and conquer.   

       The pendulum of social trends swings back and forth but the power mongers seek to ride that pendulum no matter what direction it's going.
doctorremulac3, Mar 25 2018

       So monger and antimonger depending who's in power.   

       (Mong and auntie for short).   

       The families that like to believe in equality could comonger, and the real lame ones can dimonger. (Die for short)
pashute, Mar 25 2018

       [Voice], what you're describing is a straw man. You're falling into the "All your enemies look the same" trap - which, of course, feminists also fall into sometimes. That way, madness lies.
pertinax, Mar 25 2018

       Oh I assure you I am not. Scratch a feminist, whether she's the coffee shop type who still thinks it's about equality or the hard core man hating academic and you'll find the belief that all women have always been oppressed by men in general. Oh sure they use dodgy words like "oppressive system" but if you can pin them down on it (hard to accomplish) they'll talk about how men ("the patriarchy", the root of all evil is named after masculinity and the cure is named after femininity, what a fucking coinkydink) have always kept women down, how women deserve more rights without accompanying responsibility, and the like. Those who actually believe in equality get kicked out of the feminist club when they start to question these fundamental tenants of feminist dogma in feminist circles.   

       To be fair the coffee shop feminist hasn't actually looked into the papers referenced by academic hard core feminists and hasn't done any real research at all but there are only two paths for him: buy into the convoluted lies and bizarre claims of the female supremacist movement or stop claiming to be a feminist. It's just a matter of time and research.
Voice, Mar 25 2018

       Allow me to elaborate on that. Take one particularly sticky point of feminist belief: the wage gap. It's been debunked for 20 years, but feminists STILL* bring it up as a matter of fact. Point out the statistical facts of the matter and they'll go down fighting. And at the end, when you've explained just how it doesn't actually constitute discrimination they'll either accept it and have on less thing they can agree about with the hard core feminists or they'll perform some mental gymnastics, call you a misogynist, and pretend the conversation never happened. This is one of dozens and dozens of points where they choose which of the above paths they'll take. But they'll never be accepted or be comfortable among feminists unless they espouse this wholly wrong idea.   

       *In the last three years or so even feminists have started to avoid this particular topic, but as recently as Obama were still spouting it. More contemporary examples of feminist idiocy are available upon request.
Voice, Mar 25 2018

       //fundamental tenants// The last thing you want is fundamental tenants.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 25 2018

       //Scratch a feminist//   

       That might not be the best way to start the conversation. ;-)
pertinax, Mar 25 2018

       More seriously, it seems that you're allowing the more bitter and twisted individuals - the extremists - to own the definition of feminism. I suggest that this plays into their hands, and helps them to isolate you, whereas they're the ones who should be isolated. The first step is to disembitter yourself which, I know, can be hard. I wish you luck.
pertinax, Mar 25 2018

       Maybe it's time for the birth of the "Sensible Feminist Movement" that shuns all the stupid anti male stuff and concentrates on the real issues women face while celebrating the man/woman relationship.   

       First slogan: (attractive woman speaking) "I'm a member of the SFM, and I love men."   

       Or: "All the great men out there, join us and come together to make the great relationship man and woman have had since the beginning of time even better."   

       I support women because there are several that I love, but I think the cause has been hijacked to divide people, not bring them together.   

       I also feel like there's this creepy neo-puritan thing on the left that reminds me of the Junior Anti Sex League in Ninteen Eighty Four.   

       Another thing I've noticed, all these people parading around posing as hypersexualized crusaders for various sexual categories? I don't think they have sex, that's why they're out in the street making so much noise about it. I'm sorry to be brutally honest but a big percentage of those people are very un-attractive and un-attractive people don't have a lot of sex. I know that not having sex can be very horrible. I've had times in my life where I couldn't get laid in a woman's prison with a handful of pardons. I think if that was always the case in my life I'd be marching in the streets wearing goofy hats and yelling too.   

       I also notice that the same people trying to drive a wedge between men and women for the sake of women's rights are also the ones who scream the loudest about "Islamophobes" and think it's perfectly fine for the religion of peace to force women to wear a bag on their head with a little slit in it.   

       So how about a women's movement that celebrates something that's great for women and men alike: partnership, respect and love between the sexes?
doctorremulac3, Mar 25 2018

       I think the answer to that can be found in an observation made by Marshall MacLuhan in the 1960s. He said something like "Young people nowadays don't want goals; they want roles." The political implication is that movements to achieve finite, realistic goals are useless. They're useless because they are likely to succeed. And once they've succeeded, the people campaigning for them no longer have a role, so they fall back into the abyss of existential despair that they were trying to escape from. The way to avoid this is to stick to perpetual grievances with no finite solution. That sounds like a joke. I wish it were.
pertinax, Mar 25 2018

       I think that's absolutely true.   

       And not to harp on the dopamine motivation, but there's a lot of happy chemicals pumping in your veins when you're in the middle of the revolution to (fill in the blank) marching down the street and yelling "HEY HEY! HO HO! (fill in the blank) HAS GOT TO GO!"   

       Actually doing sensible things to make the world a better place while bettering your life? Where's the fun in that?
doctorremulac3, Mar 25 2018

       By the way, [Dr 3], you expressed interest earlier in hearing from me if and when I made progress on a book I was writing, but I didn't see any contact details on your profile page. I've put some on mine temporarily, so, if you liked, you could use that address to send me your contact details.
pertinax, Mar 26 2018

       Done. Love to see the progress.
doctorremulac3, Mar 26 2018

       [marked-for-deletion], naming.
calum, Mar 26 2018

       Could be right.   

       "naming - specific names to give to people, pets, restaurants, top level domains, etc. are out of scope for the halfbakery. Whole naming schemes, tools to help with naming or exchange names, and specific names accompanying actual inventions are okay."   

       "tools to help with naming or exchange names" maybe?   

       Might be a grey area. It's a discussion of how to adjust the inequity of having an XY chromosome homo sapiens being labeled as the standard with the XX chromosome version being the one that's considered the variant such as in "man" - "woman" (wife of man) "male" and "female", not sure what the story behind the prefix "fe" is, maybe somebody can weigh in on that.   

       So this is borderline. I'll take a guess and say that the no naming rule is more for "Call Zeppelins floatyhummers" and such, but I could be wrong.   

       They do say they'll ban you for posting racist or sexist jokes and this thread does have a couple of ironic sexist quips but I think they're more along the lines of making fun of misogynists since I don't think anybody here has those tendencies.
doctorremulac3, Mar 26 2018

       Interestingly, your English language uses "misogynist" for a human who dislikes female humans and "misanthrope" for a human who dislikes other humans both male and female, but although there is a a proper word - "misandronist" - for a human that dislikes only male humans, it does not appear to be in common usage.
8th of 7, Mar 26 2018

       Never even heard of the word before.   

       Very telling.   

       Thank you for that. I'll be loading that word into my vocabulary magazine.
doctorremulac3, Mar 26 2018

       Ah yes, we had noted that you aren't a native speaker.
8th of 7, Mar 26 2018

       "Misandrist" is the word I'd use. It gets far more Google hits, too - about 389,000 compared to about 651 for "misandronist".
Wrongfellow, Mar 26 2018

       Doesn't "andro" refer to something mannish? Androgen is a hormone I believe.
doctorremulac3, Mar 26 2018

       You should just Google more [doc] [linkie].   

       It's a Greek lone word we've used several times in the past to prefix other things when we're making up new words, & yes it means "Man".   

       The opposite is Gyno meaning "Woman", & thus we get Androgynous (someone who's neither or displays the symptoms of both conditions).
Skewed, Mar 26 2018

       Huh. How 'bout that. Learn somethin' new every day.   

       But double checked and androgen is a hormone. Androgyn(as in ous or y) is the other thing.
doctorremulac3, Mar 26 2018

       Yup, but I hadn't confused the two if that's what you thought? was just using it as an example of a composite word including Andro & seeing as I'd just mentioned Gyno it seemed appropriate. Androgen refers to male hormones yes. try a Google for Gynogen.
Skewed, Mar 26 2018

       I no longer have an Android phone at all now. Nor Android tablet. I do have an Android TV box (Nexus) but never use it now. I’ve gone over to the other side.
Ian Tindale, Mar 26 2018

       Welcome to the cutting edge Ian.   

       Googled gynogen but had to stop reading. It started talking about how it's used to help women with their naughty bits during menopause. I like to keep myself ignorant about such things as much as possible.
doctorremulac3, Mar 26 2018

       //Android TV// //Welcome to the cutting edge//   

       I'll have none of that newfangled rubbish, I kept my terrestrial TV, but programming quality has gone down a bit, normally only one program on these days (it appears to be about a snow storm, not a lot happens).   

       Being serious for a second I got one waveband of what I think was a police conversation on the old set once (I'd accidentally told my TV to re-tune everything including the terrestrial channels instead of just free view).
Skewed, Mar 26 2018

       //Android TV// //Welcome to the cutting edge//   

       I was referring to his switching to Apple.   

       Unless he was referring to getting a Zune.
doctorremulac3, Mar 26 2018

       I switched from Android to Gynoid.
Ian Tindale, Mar 26 2018

       // he was referring to getting a Zune. //   

       We hoped he was referring to moving to Dune. Or Tatooine. Or anywhere, really, as long as it's far, far away, preferably in another set of non-congruent dimensions.
8th of 7, Mar 26 2018


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