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Sensor-Enabled Traps

For trapping some pests but not others ...
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An outdoor trap or bait-box with powered shutters. It would have image sensors capable of discerning what kind of critter is approaching, and only open for intended target species*.

The simplest setting would just be "open all night" as the critters most commonly considered pests are nocturnal. But if, for example, you want to spare the raccoons you could apply a raccoongition program to keep them out.

* I know some people intend EVERYTHING to be a target, but others are more tolerant.

kdf, Nov 13 2020

Recipe for 8th... https://www.kobejon...s-most-deadly-fish/
Feel free to skip any steps that might reduce toxicity ... [kdf, Nov 13 2020]

(?) Video titled "spoilih our geese" https://duckduckgo....h%3Fv%3DYZu_QQqX2fI
An existing commervial solution [spidermother, Nov 16 2020]

Corrected link for "spoiling our geese" https://www.youtube...watch?v=YZu_QQqX2fI
thanks, spidermother! [kdf, Nov 16 2020]


       How would it sense the difference between a hungry feral rodent and one of 8th's tentacles that might be searching for an item to steal for food?
xenzag, Nov 13 2020

       Would that matter? I'd program the trap to respond to either creature the same way. Do you suppose 8th would succumb to bromadiolone (anticoagulant) or bromethalin (neurotoxin), if attractively presented in peanut-butter flavored blocks?
kdf, Nov 13 2020

       He's partial to a smelly sock and never refuses one that's been walked through used cat litter.
xenzag, Nov 13 2020

       Then most other critters would be safe. Even the hungriest wouldn't touch that.
kdf, Nov 13 2020

       Many traps are sensor-enabled already. Exceptions would be passive funnel-shaped traps such as lobster pots.
pocmloc, Nov 13 2020

       Pocmloc, can you point me to a trap that can be rigged to allow (for one example) entry by a Norway rat but exclude a similarly sized squirrel? That's the kind of sensing/target recognition I'm talking about.
kdf, Nov 13 2020

       // tolerant //   

       Please explain this "tolerant" of which you write ...   

       // some people intend EVERYTHING to be a target //   

       Not EVERYTHING ... we have a short list of non-target species. And you're not on it ...   

       // bromadiolone (anticoagulant) or bromethalin (neurotoxin), //   

       Mmmmm, tasty !   

       // peanut-butter flavored blocks? //   

       Can you do them in chocolate ?
8th of 7, Nov 13 2020

       Mmm... chocolate AND peanut butter?
Two great baits that bait great together!
kdf, Nov 13 2020

       Can you throw in some lead acetate, and dust it with Tetrodotoxin ? Tangy !
8th of 7, Nov 13 2020

       I think Tetrodotoxin might introduce some "off" flavors.   

       But you're really jonesing for lead acetate (which does taste kinda sweet) you have a couple of options. It's a common ingredient in some hair coloring products (like "Grecian Formula for Men"). At least it used to be, maybe they stopped using it - check the product label.   

       OR... fill a glass with a 50/50 mix of distilled white vinegar and 3% hydrogen peroxide. Then drop in a lead bullet from your reloading bench (or a fishing weight, if you still have any lead sinkers). Leave it overnight and the lead will probably be dissolved and ready for you to drink by morning.
kdf, Nov 13 2020


       <Starts searching scrap-bin for some DU penetrators/>
8th of 7, Nov 13 2020

       Uranyl acetate? Pretty innocuous outside of the body but nasty toxic if you get too much inside. I reckon bs0u0155 has some around the lab if you're too busy to make up a batch.   

       So drink heartily and let me know how it tastes.
kdf, Nov 13 2020

       Once again 8th has been smoked out into the open, and revealed more of his scaly underbelly.
xenzag, Nov 13 2020

       If you look closer, you'll see that those aren't scales, but jewels and precious metals.   

       <Settles more comfortably on vast pile of accumulated treasure/>
8th of 7, Nov 13 2020

       //8th has been smoked out in the open// 420?
spidermother, Nov 13 2020

       //vast pile of accumulated treasure//   

       Do the Buchanans know you're squatting in their cellar?
pertinax, Nov 14 2020

       It's a mutually beneficial arrangement.
8th of 7, Nov 14 2020

       //those aren't scales, but jewels and precious metals.// On closer examination it can be seen that far from being jewels, the scales are actually particles of the cat litter much secretly beloved by 8th.
xenzag, Nov 14 2020

       //mutually beneficial//   

       Look, I know they've been a bit distracted since Formianus confused beastings with beestings and wrote off the cement mixer, but they're bound to find out. The ullage broker already suspects, and he's as thick as mince.
pertinax, Nov 14 2020

       FWIW, I'm actually going to build one. Not going to bother with target recognition, just the simpler version that locks up during the day to discourage squirrels from getting in. I intend it to have a "door" that swings both in and out, hinged from the top, with a latch that secures it at the bottom when needed.   

       Looking for HB input on cheap light detector and suggestions for a latch design. As an alternative to light- activation, I'm also thinking of using bluetooth to lock/unlock it. It would be more useful if it didn't have to rely on daylight to know when to lock up.
kdf, Nov 16 2020

       <link> This could be set up to open at night rather than by day. Probably not cheap though. And it's big.   

       About the simplest way of doing this would be to run everything directly off a small solar panel, which powers an electric motor to close the door against the resistance of a spring, and an electric latch (magnetic or solenoid) to hold the door shut. When night falls, the latch and the motor are no longer recieving power, and the door is opened by the spring. No battery or mains connection, and no fancy electronics.
spidermother, Nov 16 2020

       [kdf]; there are cat-doors that only let in the correct micro- chipped cat (almost certainly fancier versions too...). Perhaps start with one of those and modify?
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 16 2020

       "...cat-doors that only let in the correct micro- chipped cat"
-neutrinos_shadow, Nov 16 2020

       So I'd have to corral all the rats in my neighborhood and have them chipped? Or are you just suggesting I get one of those doors to see how it works? (that's really a pretty good suggestion)
kdf, Nov 16 2020

       "solar panel"

       Spidermother, I like that idea as long as the thing can be positioned somewhere to get enough light during the day, year round, to power the latch. I'm not even sure a simple light sensing on-off switch will be reliable (why I'm still toying with the idea of a blue-tooth or other remote switch.   

       As an aside - the link you gave didn't work as posted. I figured out what it was supposed to point to though - thanks!
kdf, Nov 16 2020

       // cheap light detector and suggestions for a latch design //   

       O-Kay ...   

       And you want comms.   

       Well, a lot of what you want can probably be done by repurposing a mobile handset. It wouldn't need to still be on a network; if it had WiFi connectivity then that would give you a short range link.   

       You've already got a Li-ion battery and solar power can keep that topped up. If you're not burning power doing LU's to the cell station all the time, it won't demand much to keep it charged enough to last overnight.   

       If you're lucky you'll get GPS too, which will give you a time reference, so you can gate your trap off absolute time, not just light levels.   

       The camera, at minimum, will give you light-level sensing, and could with work deliver some of the critter-recognition you're looking for.   

       The "vibrate" motor control can be boosted to operate a latch.   

       The catflap design is relevant, but not because of chip recognition. Catflaps often have a selector that allows locked - in only - out only - both ways to be chosen by rotating two semicircular sectors offset by 90 degrees. Now, if you had a low power motor driving a worm gear to rotate such a sector-lock you could select the mode you wanted.   

       Most of the work would be software, but you've got the SDK to aid you and there are probably lots of geeks and nerds who would be happy to come up with suggestions and even code.   

       // corral all the rats in my neighborhood and have them chipped? //   

       Nothing so tedious. All you need is a suitable* rifle, a night sight, and a batch of pet tracking chips embedded in sabots**. Put out some bait, then when the rats show up, "dart" them with the chips. Et viola ! You can detect them when they approach your trap.   

       *For rats, nothing too powerful; a regular .30-06 should be more than adequate.   

       **Lead in a cupro-nickel half-jacket works well for rats.
8th of 7, Nov 16 2020


       Obligatory Scotsman in Canada joke:
Scotsman: What's that greet beastie?
Canadian: That's a moose, eh?
Scotsman: Well then I wouldnae like tae see a rat!
spidermother, Nov 17 2020

       Ah yes, "The giant rat of Saskatchewan, a story for which the world is not yet prepared" ...
8th of 7, Nov 17 2020

       //rats ... 30-06//   

       It should be pointed out that some of the more backward species have a word called "overkill", which may not translate into any of your native dialects. It just reflects a form of insanity, similar to the absurd notion that some organisms may not _want_ to be assimilated into the collective, even after it's been explained to them that it's for their own good. Nothing to worry about.
spidermother, Nov 17 2020

       I don't understand why all the objections. Its a simple [+]
pashute, Nov 18 2020

       There don't seem to be "objections", there are suggestions, and what criticism there is seems constructive.
8th of 7, Nov 18 2020

       Thanks, pashute. I'm finding this to be a helpful discussion also.
kdf, Nov 18 2020

       "Build a better mousetrap ..."   

       Discrimination between a grey rat and a grey squirrel is an interesting problem; similar size, mass, body temperature. The main distinguishing feature is the tail.   

       Managing to extract that degree of subtlety from a simple computing device is actually the sort of challenge that Universities would set up teams of students to attack, like the solar-powered racecar projects.
8th of 7, Nov 18 2020

       The squirrel / rat puzzle is easily handled. We just call them the day shift and night shift around here - that was the original inspiration for this idea. But keeping the racoons, feral cats, and even skunks away from a trap at night presents a different problem.
kdf, Nov 18 2020

       What would it cost to hire a malnourished pre-teen in a far-away hot country to watch a webcam image and click on KEEP/RELEASE/KILL buttons, compared to the R&D for an autonomous smart trap ?
8th of 7, Nov 18 2020

       //webcam image//
You would probably want a webcam VIDEO; staring at an image expecting to see different critters might get a little boring.
As for "cost", is the "how much" from your point of view, or the malnourished pre-teen's?
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 19 2020

       The important viewpoint is always that of whoever's paying ...   

       A video is a succession of single images; we envision movement-triggered selective update, where a sequence of frames at short intervals (0.5 sec) are sent rather than a continuous stream, thus keeping the power requirements of the transmitter down to a minimum.
8th of 7, Nov 19 2020

       //0.5 sec//
That actually makes sense!
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 19 2020

       Durrrr ....   

       <Checks notes/>   

       Yes, this is still the slow class ...   

       Many security systems use triggered frame update to keep power and bandwidth requirements to a minimum. There's little or no value in endlessly streaming the same boring, repetitive image (broadcasters please note).
8th of 7, Nov 19 2020


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