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Shazam for Recognition Apps

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If you’ve got lots of apps all claiming to be “Shazam for …” x, and you can’t remember which one does which thing because both the names and the icons are abstract disconnected and baffling, this app will recognise them for you.
Ian Tindale, May 28 2018

shazam https://www.youtube...watch?v=jSpBwt4hFN8
[xandram, May 29 2018]


       + As long as it's a verbal *shazam* in Gomer Pyle's voice!
xandram, May 28 2018


       Did he actually say Shazam in the film? I don’t remember that.   

       (And no, I’m not going to re-iterate that it was shot here where I live, I’ve done that enough times).
Ian Tindale, May 28 2018

       What exactly was that youtube video I just saw?
Ian Tindale, May 29 2018


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