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Simple Transitions

genre transitions can suck
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My iPod has about 3,000 songs of varying genres. I don't know about you, but I hate it when I go from classical, to punk, to jazz, to rock, to country, back to jazz, to dance, to blues, to techno, etc. I was thinking that there should be a feature that allows certain genre transitions, specified by you. For example, you could input in:

Transition 1: Rock - Punk

Transition 2: Classical OR Jazz OR Blues

Transition 3: Techno - Dance OR Punk

Nemmy, Dec 29 2004


       When in doubt, play a sound clip of John Cleese saying "And now for something completely different" between the songs.   

       Wouldn't this tend to get you "stuck" in a certain genres or sets of genres, if there were no transition defined to get out to the rest of your collection?
krelnik, Dec 29 2004

       No. After the transition is finished, it moves to a transition with the closest genre (judged by other transitions).   

       That didn't make any sense, did it? ;-)
Nemmy, Dec 29 2004

       I usually just make a playlist designed like that. If I want to listen to rock punk type music, it's all in the same playlist. Etc. But that would work too.
edisselhorst, Jul 01 2005


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