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Swearword Projector Flashgun

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Imagine a swear word, in a very chunky robust font, white type on black background. Imagine a 35mm slide of this image - the type is clear, against solid black. Imagine a projector projecting this slide against a screen on a wall. Imagine a person is standing against this screen, and the image is zoomed to the appropriate angle of projection to fit on the face of the person. Imagine the word is in focus against the person's face.

Now imagine that the construction of the slide projector and zoom lens were small and relatively portable, and further imagine that the light source was not a normal projector bulb, but instead, the same kind of xenon tube arrangement that a conventional photographic hotshoe-mounted flashgun would have.

This would allow situationalist photographers to be able to pretend to be a paparazzi, and in fact shoot photos of famous people with swear words brightly projected onto their faces.

Ian Tindale, Jan 06 2006

Adventures in infrared http://www.flickr.c...antindale/70106100/
[Ian Tindale, Jan 09 2006]

Nenes, seins, & tetons http://www.leanleft...es/2004/10/13/3604/
[Shz, Jan 09 2006]

Hactivist http://www.hactivis...nt/manualpath1.html
Portable camera projector hack [rmtmaine, Jun 09 2008]

The 'fulgurator' http://www.youtube....watch?v=EAX_3Bgel7M
A slaved flash projector. Results at about 2'00" [st3f, Jun 26 2008]


       I'm imagining chunky, robust swear-words in mock speech bubbles.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jan 06 2006

       I think a laser-pointer type device would be good for this. You could project alongside speakers, onto billboards, in the movies, etc.   

       I can imagine this principle used to good effect on a billboard. You could set up your projector in your own window and project "DO BONGS" or your words of choice into a cartoon bubble coming from the billboard model's mouth.
bungston, Jan 06 2006

       I'm assuming that this flashgun is slaved so that it goes off whenever another photographer takes a shot. Suddenly nobody can get a picture of George Bush without the word SPAM on his forehead.
st3f, Jan 06 2006

       Good idea - I imagined it as being synced to the owner's camera, but as you say, slaving it will be even more mischievous.
Ian Tindale, Jan 06 2006

       That's the bunniest idea in a while Ian.   

       [bung] - I wish I had a billboard opposite my house.
wagster, Jan 06 2006

Trickytracks, Jan 06 2006

       I see it used more for transient graffiti. You could even plug a cell phone into it to be able to type custom messages. You could have discussions on a wall with people at concerts, apartment buildings, movies, etc.   

       Good idea +nice annos too.   

       And, I figured it'd only a matter of time before SPAM really is a swear word.   

       But, there's no need to project it for your own camera picture, unless you don't know how to doctor images after the fact.
sophocles, Jan 07 2006

       You can composite the words in Photoshop.
bristolz, Jan 07 2006

       Oh yes, I could have some fun with this.
Shz, Jan 08 2006

       I would use "CECI N'EST PAS UNE CÉLÉBRITÉ"
hippo, Jan 08 2006

       "Mes mamelles sont fausses."
Shz, Jan 08 2006

       //sein[s]//? Actually, that is the first way I thought of writing it, but changed it because ‘sein’ is more like ‘bust’ or ‘bosom’ and shouldn’t be made plural in context, whereas ‘mamelles’ can be.
Shz, Jan 09 2006

       My Sony camera has a type of holographic projection on it to help it focus in low light situations. I think it might use a single laser pointer type device with it. The result is a strange grid of small straight lines at different angles.   

       This system might be used for generating text, but maybe the brightness would not be enough.   

       Maybe a laser pointer would be needed for correct alignment for a flash unit. I agree that the use of a slave 'SPAM Flash' would be very mischievous, especially if the other photographers don't notice the result until back in front of the PC.   

       Note that most digital cameras are sensitive to near Infra Red, which the eye cannot see. +
Ling, Jan 09 2006

       Except my new one, as I found out when I recently obtained a cheap Hoya R72 filter.
Ian Tindale, Jan 09 2006

       Anyone know how long the exposure is in the sort of circumstance where you would use a flash? Also, what level of light would this pick up?   

       I have seen laser pointers that generate words but they do not focus instantly.
miasere, Jan 09 2006

       //Except my new one, as I found out when I recently obtained a cheap Hoya R72 filter// Ian, what thread size? I may be interested.
coprocephalous, Jan 09 2006

       55mm, but I bought a 52-55 step ring. I've used it on long exposures, which is nice, and I want to wait until summer, so I can see what actual living things do in actual daylight. I've linked a test shot I took.
Ian Tindale, Jan 09 2006

       It does say breasts, [UB], but sein is the whole breast (area), the way you might say red breasted bird, or breastplate. Mamelle is more like an individual boob, and let's face it, the word we're searching for here means tits. :)
Shz, Jan 09 2006

       //searching for here means tits.// nénés
coprocephalous, Jan 09 2006

       //nobody can get a picture of George Bush without the word SPAM on his forehead//   

       The Secret Service is not going to accept the excuse "I was simply shooting SPAM at him, no need to worry."
notmarkflynn, Jan 09 2006

       I disagree, [shz]... I've seen "seins" used in the plural to mean, ah, mammaries.
david_scothern, Jan 09 2006

       Fortunately, there's some research on the subject. <link>
Shz, Jan 09 2006

       I must have one.   

       But baked
rmtmaine, Jun 09 2008

       would the army be able to use rapier missles, to take the famous person out from distance?
clartsonly, Jun 26 2008

       would the army be able to use rapier missles, to take the famous person out from distance?
clartsonly, Jun 26 2008

       What are "missles"?
Ian Tindale, Jun 26 2008

       //What are "missles"?//
Dunno, but they must be so good, they named them twice.
[clartsonly] Only if the famous person is in an aeroplane.
coprocephalous, Jun 26 2008

       They miss less of the time. I'll get my coat...
hippo, Jun 26 2008

       How about something that flashes the image in an ultra intense UV? Thus, the unsuspecting billboard wakes the next morning with a suntan version of the image and a strong desire for makeup.
CwP, Jun 27 2008


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