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Telephone Directory of Wrong Numbers

Phone book that contains all the wrong numbers for any given name.
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Ian Tindale, Apr 23 2006


       I like the logic, but would that not simply be everyone else's number listed after their name, or am I missing something here? "Hello - can I get the wrong number for my long lost Aunt Sadie?" - "No problem - just pick any one"   

       Taliban directory? - at least there would be no pre- recorded music on line + for that bit, if it can be made to happen.
xenzag, Apr 23 2006

       This would be a very big book. For a ten digit number there are 10^10 wrong numbers, minus the one right number. So, if you put 5000 wrong numbers per page, that would be a book with 20 million pages. And you’d need one of those monster books for each person.
ldischler, Apr 23 2006

       You could narrow it down to only listing the wrong numbers that might cause confusion, categorised by the source of that confusion. For example, "Hello Dave?" heading all the numbers of people who respond to the name Dave. Further subdivided into categories such as "It's Steve." for people who respond to the name Dave, and who also know someone (to varying degrees of certainty) called Steve. All the way down to all the Daves who know Steves, who's cousins named Jamima have just got married, but who failed to meet one another at the wedding, but who both mutually know someone called Kevin, who happens to work in the local chip shop and once dated Dave's sister Claire.
zen_tom, Apr 23 2006

       do we get these thrown on our frontdoor paths or do we have to buy them? +1 anyway although I feel that its an awfuk waste of paper.
po, Apr 23 2006

       It's all in the notation people:
NOT [methinksnot] - 634 5789.
Then it will only be about the same size as a normal telephone book and all the fun would have been efficiently extracted from this idea.

       Excellent category choice, by the way.
methinksnot, Apr 23 2006

       Not quite, this is satire on the phone that can recognise wrong numbers.   

       Bun on condition that it only lists numbers that actually connect you to an incorrect person. Having a machine tell you that you've dialed the wrong number sucks all the fun out of misdialling.
hidden truths, Apr 23 2006

       ah, I assumed that this was a directory which published all the the numbers that used to be correct, but are no longer, for a given name.   

       F'rinstance my old phone number is +44 79 70 40 80 23. I don't mind anyone knowing that.
neilp, Apr 24 2006

       This would make directory maintenance incredibly efficient. When your phone number changes, less than one ten billionth of your dialing information needs to change, instead of 70-100% with the current system. +
Shz, Apr 24 2006

       Use a database, and get the names of all people who are 1 digit away from your number, amongst other things.
Ling, Apr 24 2006

       Based upon my reaction to this idea vs. the vote tally, I think it must be time.
half, Apr 24 2006

Ling, Apr 24 2006

       A web-version should be published where all the numbers are spelled out, to protect people's privacy and to avoid phone-spamming.
Dub, Apr 24 2006

       I've already got a directory of wrong numbers. It's called a lottery ticket.

Well Ok, it's not *all* the wrong numbers but give me time.
DrBob, Apr 24 2006

       you buy lottery tickets? hah!
po, Apr 24 2006


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