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The Complete Pratchett

An e-book compendium
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There doesn't seem to be an ebook containing all of Practhett's works. There needs to be.

In addition to Discworld, it needs his stories from other realms, essays, interviews, and collaborations with other authors. And hopefully with a more useful cross-referencing tool than a Disorganiser imp.

kdf, Nov 16 2020


       Is there an idea here? Complete works are WKTE. The publishing rights to everything, would be a bit of a mess to assemble since he never really got a satisfactory deal going with US distribution, leading to the crappy artwork on the covers. Then there's how to deal with the other authors, the science of Discworld/stuff with Steven Baxter etc.   

       This is just a thing you want, isn't it?
bs0u0155, Nov 16 2020

       All valid points. But ... "JUST a thing I want?" - you say that oh so dismissively... my wants are always of paramount importance.   

       I'm especially mindful of the difficulty in securing rights from collaborators. But it's been attempted for many less worthy writers and I'm flummoxed by the apparent lack of this collection in all of L.space.
kdf, Nov 16 2020

       If there are other ebooks out there, I think it's a fairly mundane editing task to stitch them together as chapters into a larger format compendium. The file format is epub and it's an open standard, and there are plenty converters into and from epub from other more proprietary e-publishing formats, so if you can collect the works yourself, you should be able to realise this idea without too much graft.   

       Publishing that file legally and expecting to gain any commercial rights would be another thing altogether but for a simple bootleg version distributed over fanzine websites (for people who either had already bought a large proportion of the catalogue already, or who might use such a compendium to help source and pay for the complete collection) there'd probably not be too much of a fuss.
zen_tom, Nov 16 2020

       You could float the idea on Discworld Monthly and see how people react.   

       It's getting the publishing rights and the royalty deal that's going to be the problem; lawyers, contracts .... EEEEWWWWW ....
8th of 7, Nov 16 2020

       I'm personally halfbaked on this. Many times have I been called a Complete Prat. Just need to work on the 'Chett' part.
AusCan531, Nov 17 2020


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