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The Listing Cognitive Biases Effect

The 'Listing Cognitive Biases' Effect is an as-yet well known cognitive bias, in effect, waiting to be discovered by being put on a list.
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Wikipedia has a list of cognitive biases page, upon which is a list of what seems to want to be pretty much every single observation about life or the way phenomena happens or just the general normal occurrences we all live through. All they've done in most cases is to simply namecheck some perfectly usual situation, tacked the word 'effect' or 'bias' or 'fallacy' on the end, and there's your new cognitive bias to add to the list.

I propose a new one of those, which I will term the 'Listing Cognitive Biases' effect, in which it can be observed that itself is happening. Obviously none of these cognitive biases must've existed before people were able to put a name to each and every one of them, but unexpectedly, the very naming of them actually produces the very effect this cognitive bias refers to - ie, the production of a list of them.

Ian Tindale, Apr 26 2017

List of cognitive biases https://en.m.wikipe...of_cognitive_biases
[Ian Tindale, Apr 26 2017]


       I think that what you have stumbled upon, [Ian] my old china syndrome, is that basic fact that psychology is basically bollocks. It's not quite as much bollocks as philosophy, but it's still basically bollocks.   

       On the other hand, that may just be my bias.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 26 2017

       [+] Nice find.   

       Not entirely unlinked from a crime of passion or other shit-storms of cognitive biases. Human processing of information is just rubbish lets face it. Ultimately this is why people shouldn't own firearms or sharp objects.
bigsleep, Apr 26 2017

       I could've told you that Ian would post this as he has a predisposition towards such things. Pavlov's dog did like pastries.
RayfordSteele, Apr 26 2017

       did what?
Ian Tindale, May 07 2017


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