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Where mouse? There mouse - Theremin Mouse
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A 3D hand wavy mouse that operates using the same technology as a theremin. Symmetrical, so that those right handed people could try and use one, too.

Effectively, the antennas would be the length of the height of the sides of the screen of the device you're using. Your hands are more ,ergonomically, going to fall to either side of the screen than anywhere in front of it or actually on the glass, as we have arms on each side rather than in the middle. Instead of contacting the glass of the screen, the theremin-like radio circuitry is able to pick up variation, rather than merely contact/no contact. Thus, quantities and amounts can be expressed by expression of our hands. Whilst very fine amounts of expression could be achieved, the boundary between 'not interacting at all with the theremin mouse' and 'coming within range of it' should be able to be discriminated / learned fairly easily, such that there's minimal confusion with just any old gesture we might do. There'd be a reasonably distinct sense of being out of range of it, versus within range of expected pickup.

One advantage would be if this also preserved the sound aspect of a real theremin (for that is what this actually is, but for sensing, only the radio section would be really required, but, you know, let's have the audio anyway). This would just sound nice. No other reason, although I'm tempted to shoehorn in a good technical reason, too.

Ian Tindale, Jun 05 2017

Leap Motion https://www.leapmotion.com
3d hand wavy motion/gesture control. [tatterdemalion, Jun 05 2017]


       // so that those right handed people could try and use one, too //   

       <Obligatory Holy Grail Misquote>   

       "We have found a warlock, may we burn him ?"   

8th of 7, Jun 06 2017

       I assumed a theramin took input on a one-dimensional scale. Is that not the case?
If it is, how are you planning to map multiple dimensions? You could use both hands of course, but I think it would be awkward and anyway doesn't seem to be what you're proposing.
Loris, Jun 07 2017

       Both hands, because when we gesture we often use both hands. However, many times we'll gesture with one hand, and the meaning is still conveyed (assisted somewhat by any sound coming out of our mouths, sometimes). Using triangulation, it can also make a small 'ting' sound.
Ian Tindale, Jun 07 2017

       //let's have the audio anyway//   

       "Window over there ... swoosh. Window to foreground. Discard window ... swoosh. Zoom window 1, window 2. Move window 1, close window 2 ... close window 2 ... CLOSE WINDOW 2. Fuck it! C.L.O.S.E. W.I.N.D.O.W 2 !! FUCKING WINDOWS!!!"   

       ^ When someone thinks that a 3D mouse domain will create the Dr.Who theme tune.
bigsleep, Jun 07 2017


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