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These Go Down To Zero!

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This isn't so much a product idea as a cultural pressure to get people to actually realise how many steps there actually are between zero and ten.

On many items of equipment, particularly but not at all restricted to audio equipment, there are knobs. Increasingly these days there are digital touch buttons or some other stepwise up-down input means that makes it easy for the designer, cheap for the manufacturer, but horrible for the user. However, we still have knobs, knobs survive, and the knob is favoured. There is a particular type of knob that has a numeric scale. There are two ways of doing a numeric scale on a potentiometer knob. One is to put a pointer mark on the knob itself, and print a scale of numbers on the equipment casing around the knob circumference. The other is to put a scale of numbers around the knob skirt itself, with a single marker printed on the casing (maybe - not always).

In the case where the top number is ten, there is often a cultural temptation to make some remark about it not going up to eleven, or involve that joke in a feeble bit of conversation somehow. However, there's a distinct difference in knobs that have their numbers printed around the skirt and going up to ten - some start at one, and some start at zero. Quite obvious to almost nobody it seems, the knobs that start at zero and end at ten, actually blimmin' well do go up to eleven - they have eleven distinct steps! If it were numbered to go up to eleven, then there'd be twelve distinct steps - not funny any more. Hello? Where's the humour? See? Gone.

Ian Tindale, Mar 19 2017


       Okay, I think I've got this figured out. This is an idea or concept of some sort right?
doctorremulac3, Mar 19 2017

       Not really. If I had to extrapolate a go at having an attempt at classifying my describing of it, I'd probably say something like, off the top of my head, that it is not so much an idea, more of a cultural pressure.
Ian Tindale, Mar 19 2017

       But just listen to the sustain!
hippo, Mar 19 2017

       My brain doesn't work beyond simple stuff like "toaster that can be used as a parachute". That sort of thing.
doctorremulac3, Mar 19 2017

       What you want, surely, is an amp that goes down to -10, so you can just suck all the other groups' music right out of the air?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 19 2017

       This is a bit like saying that when you are ten years old you have had eleven birthdays, which is true.
bhumphrys, Mar 19 2017

       Indeed. A fencepost error.
Ian Tindale, Mar 19 2017

       Just number the gaps between the numbers, that should sort it out.   

       Alternately, replace traditional numbers altogether, adopting instead an alternate non-convention referencing something suitably esoteric.   

zen_tom, Mar 21 2017


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