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Time Diode

Temporal rectifier.
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[can we have a category for psychokinesis or esp or some weird shit like that?]

In ESP, which is extra sensory perception, but you knew that, the whole observable point that makes it ESP is that there's allegedly availability of knowledge or information that is not afforded by the circumstances. For example, winning the lottery - you can't 'know' the winning numbers. And then the lottery draw is drawn, and suddenly, everyone can now 'know' the winning numbers.

All those reams of numbers in the business pages of the pink papers - what do they mean? Why do they exist? What's the point? Who knows. This is information nobody has any access to. If they did, it'd be classed as insider trading.

In all those cases, the crux of the matter is one of asymmetrical information. I have something you don't know, which is (loosely) what the whole of internet security and cryptography is based on. However, these examples above are in a category of asymmetrical information based on time. Nobody knows x until an event occurs in the future that reveals x (ie, the lottery or the horsies).

I propose to invent a temporal rectifier. The overall energy of the potential difference between information that existed in the future, and information that will be missing in the past, can be calculated as an absolute positive quantity. This would have the effect of rectifying the potential difference between the lack of information and the supply of information such that the positive supply of energy represents the information energy on both sides of the equation.

It could work like a banana, in a way. The curve of the banana would suggest that the banana itself can be used to rectify time. Building a temporal rectifier out of bananas is entirely feasible - we're not in any danger of running out of bananas. The danger is in going too far and building an entire fucking time machine out of bananas.

Ian Tindale, Apr 08 2017


       This is a great idea up until you basically admit it's not an idea.
Voice, Apr 08 2017

       To the extent that time is the subjective condition under which all our intuitions take place, this kant be done.   

       This is not to say that it wouldn't work - only that it wouldn't work for you. Nor for me. Nor for any other individual subject. The borg might be at an advantage here.
pertinax, Apr 09 2017

       A balancing blob of energy is still not the information.
wjt, Apr 09 2017


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